Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Freya Wysocki

Hello everyone, for the first time EVER (thats right, you heard it here first) radicool is featuring an interview! and not just an interview, but an interview with one of the coolest kids on the block. Don't feel bad dear reader for not having heard of her, you will soon.
Freya Wysocki (pronounced vi-sot-ski) makes her own clothes, listens to weird french music and is seriously one of the most stylish 14 year olds I know. (I'm just comparing her to myself at that age...she puts me in the shadows man).Amy: So here we go, when did you first start making clothes?
Freya: errrr.... about when I was about 10 or 11, year 5/6ish?? I think:)
A: WOW thats pretty young, i guess youve been able to develop your sweet skills from then.Why did you start making them?
F: Because my mum used to make clothes and i saw loads of her old patterns so i bought one for a skirt and a little shruggie thing-which was HIDEOUS, and made that. Although when i made that mum did help me quite alot so i would say it was more of both of us.
A: Ahh going down the generations.A hideous shruggie thing sounds like a good starting place though! What was the best thing youve ever made and why?
F:I'd say it was my coat- which i made most recently ( about 3 days ago) or a maroon silk shirt because i made it without a pattern and I was really pleased cos it was the right size and had button holes and everything!:) Although it was quite messy cos it was without a pattern but i am still really proud of it!A: The coat is amazing. Just simply one the chicest things i've seen in a long time. I heard about it from Ella (ella is freya sister, thats how i know her) and i couldn't wait to see it! I hear you like tweed, i LOVE tweed. and also you like to dress like lady di? i think thats pretty cool.
F: YES!!! I love tweed! I recently found some hand woven tweed in a charity shop! I made it into a cape!:) ermm... I don't mean to dress like lady Di, but I still like her look! But some off her clothes are a bit matching and coordinated.
A: I agree, but lady di was a bit of fashion rebel in the royal family! Where do you get all your inspiration from?F: err i think i get most of it from Chanel! Cos it is actually amazing!
But i make up lots of my own style and i don't really follow any trends or people, But i have reasently found a new designer- Richard Weston, he's actually a geologist, but he won a comp. for libertys to design a scarf and they are actually the most BEAUTIFUL thing i have EVER seen, I have thought of a few things linked into his geology theme to make.
A: That's true style really, taking something totally out of the fashion context and interpreting into your own style and making it fit. I think you're naturally stylish, without the natural talent you wouldn't be able to do things like that!do you read style rookie? because you remind me so much of tavi (i think its your hair)
F:I have started recently and i am so jealous of her! She gets all that free stuff! And her clothes and stuff are so nice! Do i?? I loved her hair when it was grey though!:)
A: Ahh same, I would kill to get the Proenza Schouler splatter print trousers for free. It was super cool, i think you should do it! Whos your favourite fashion house and why?F:CHANEL!!!! Coorrrrr....i am actually obsessed!! haha I love all their collections and their make up is amazing to! And i also love how Coco Chanel started, in Paris (which is were i want to live) and grew from almost nothing to such a famous and brilliant designer! I also Love Weston, if he really counts??
A: Ohh I'm a sucker for Chanel make-up too. I think you're the new Coco. Of course he counts! If your designs (whether it's only scarves) are in Liberty's, then you count in my opinion! Lastly, if you had to pick a single person who is your idol, who would it be and why?
F: Coco Chanel (again :/) Because of what i said before about her life and all her amazing clothes and I LOVE the 1920's - 1960's! i'd have to say the 1920's would have been my favourite era, which she was alive and young in, all her original collections really stun me and they probably are how, if i had enough money, i would buy and live in them and they would be my life!:)A: You can tell you love the 20's from your creations, it's great how you've shown the influences without having them completely dominate the style. Ahh I love how you love Chanel so much, it's so elegant!
So thats Freya everyone, one of lifes rare people with a true eye for style much beyond her years! This won't be the last you've heard of her, mark my words.

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