Sunday, 31 October 2010

MEGA song of the week.

Cause I havent done it in so so long, I'm gonna give you 3 whole songs. I know, generosity at it's height.
1. The Fresh & Onlys-Waterfall

Put on a turtle neck and a beret and groove on down hipcats.
2. Hunx and his Punx- U Dont Like Rock N Roll

I heard the song before I saw the I'm slightly confused by it.
3.Deep Shit-Hector

Seriously dude this is deep seriously! (im pathetic, whatever this is the internet)

Long time no see

Hello everyone, I have no excuses for lack of blogging. I'm just lazy and bored. I was gonna do a vlog but then all the technology had a fit so it's all broken and wants me to open videos on spotify (stupid right). Anyway as it is nearly november, here are some lovely things that I am planning all my outfits around and attempting to get inspiration from for the next month...

  1. Abbey Lee
  2. White Docs (ive never seen them before, crazy stuff)
  3. 90's Sevigny
  5. Ipso Facto (r.i.p)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

runny nose

Hello there, this is going to be quick because my nose is running and superbad is on channel 5 (oh the irony). If any of you read platform this is old news, but i thought it was cool and i like to spread the word and generally have a bunch of recycled ideas which have not come from my own mind in any way.
So the art collective 'This is it' are putting on a show pretty soon (read about it here), and after reading about it and getting very sad that i will never go that show, i read their blog.
And on their blog I found Sarai Vardi (god that took a long time to get to) and she is very very neat.

Her official site is here, and i suggest you go and check her out because she is cool.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm a Kane girl

Hello everyone! Errr yeah so a bit has been happening, school mostly is hectic blah blah blah sameoldstory.
I know a while ago I said I would make my blog a bit less fashion-y, but frankly I was lying. I just saw this and I had to. It was like a message came from above in the form of this collection.
Of course its Kane! I believe he is the emperor of all things ugly. Look at the colour of the first dress. My gran has carpets that colour. And also the weird lace trimming is so incredibly vile that I feel very attracted to it. The use of print is something I wasn't too keen on, combined with the piping surrounding various areas. Like some of the dresses have the piping around the bust and straps, nah mate, as they say in ghost world, its gone past the line of bad into good and then gone a little bit further back into bad again. Sad but true. See the whole collection here.
Also before I go I just have to add that I am now friends with Hannah Hanra on facebook. I'm never going to talk to her, but it's the thought that counts.
Bye x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Act Da Fool

Here is the Harmony Korine directed film for Proenza Schouler. To be honest, I'm not digging the clothes or the film. I mean the collection in itself is dissapointing, the paint splat trousers look tacky to me and the jackets just aren't doing it for me. Of course it has the obligitary hushed voice whispery narration of a Harmony Korine film, nothing new is it really. However I do like it that the girls are normal people and not models, and the place its set is super crummy. I dunno it's kind of intruging. Well i suggest you watch it just to make up your own mind, it's not very long so you might as well.


Saturday, 2 October 2010

This Charming Man

Hello there everyone, another day another post. Menswear seems to be taking a new direction away from shitty suits (although there is still obviously many out there) and breaking into new ground. And by new ground I mean they take colours and materials from womens wear and totally man them up. Well not that much, but recently I've found myself more attracted to menswear than womens wear, i think it might be a sign. I'm not sure what of, but oh well.
Anyway here are some lovely things...
3.1 Phillip Lim. Alright so obviously you've got the leather auburn jacket and shorts, which are reminding me very much of celine (anyone else agree here?). The necklace on the first picture too, something that i've noticed appearing in a few of the shows. And shorts that are shorter than what is socially acceptable. Also note the paisley beige sweater in the middle which should be a disaster but is just so nice. Richard Chai. First off I have to begin with the socks and sandals. Totally doing it for me I am afraid to admit. I think it's about time that a bit of the old man in everyone came out and said hello. Necklaces again. Also, the pattern clashing works very well, expecially in the second look with the peach and grey shorts with the striped blue shirt. AND finally my favourite bit the khaki mesh insert top. I would wear that. For true.
Rag&Bone. I love them anyway because their womenswear is spot on, but the menswear just adds to the love if I'm honest. The mish mash of weird shapes and colours, it's just so unstylish it's stylish. The last outfit is probably my favourite, i never thought red and camel would go so well together. And the long camel shirt, takes a bit of getting used to because it looks like some sort of religious clothing, but that's cool.
Also I has noticed from many of the shows a strong military/workwear vibe, but contrasted with necklaces and delicate shoes rather than big chunky boots. For some reason I feel very refreshed by s/s 11 menswear, it seems to be expanding the colour palate and shapes, working with new materials and ideas. I don't think my writing has been this happy in months, I just finally found something to be happy about.
Alright then I best be off, a toasted crumpet awaits.