Sunday, 27 September 2009

Song of the week

As promised, here is the new improved version of song of the day.

So this week it is...washed out - feel it all around
nice and chilled out, good for a sunday.
Listen to it NOW!

Ricardo Fumanal

Ricardo Fumanal is an illustrator and graphic artist. His work is AMAZING.I'm not even kidding his pictures look so much like photos, it's surreal.He works entirely in black and white. Ink I guess but you can never be too sure. It's surprising how much the pictures pop, even though they are only black and white.
This is my favourite picture of his that I've seen. It looks so much like Jethro Cave, who I'm so totally obsessed with.

Hopefully he'll get famous. Keep your eyes open :)


Saturday, 26 September 2009

Vintage Jackets are so the new black.

So today in the lovely little town where I live, there was a vintage fair. Basically it's a much better version of a car boot sale, with everything from the past you would ever want to buy.
And boy if you look hard enough, you can find some real beauts. My friend Anna picked up this cute little jacket, in a soft grey fabric, thats just a perfect cut and fit for her frame.
Look at that detailing! It's just so well made and it has pleats which make the jacket kick out from the hips slighly. It reminded me of a Rick Owens jacket when I first saw it, but it's so much shorter and mellower than any of his designs, plus it has that shoulder detailing that he tends to stear clear of.
Also my other friend Ella got a blazer. A very good cut for her aswell, long and lean boyfriend-esque in dark blue velvet. Plus the velvet wasn't matted and very good quality.
Stella McCartney I feel (well she is the queen of feminine/masculine tailoring).
All I bought was some earrings which are leather antlers. The woman on the stall was nice, which is a bonus to the max.

So I'm off now, watching the X-Factor has become addictive!


Basso & Brooke

Wow. I am liking Basso & Brooke's s/s 2010 collection very much. This is one of my favourite pieces from the collection. It's so garish, and it kind of reminds me of a very loud tourist's shirt. But somehow I'm kind of drawn to it, even though I would usually hate this kind of thing. Also the jumpsuit was divine. I love how they've made it look structured and corset like by using print alone, it's really clever.And then of course there was one dress which is going to be a huge hit with the fashion pack and dreamers alike... This dress is so pretty, even though it has lightning down one side! Assymetrical, cut out, dip dye, harsh lightning print, there's so much going on it's amazing that it actually works.

Basso & Brooke are different. As hard as it may be, they don't just copy what everyone else does, and have developed their own style which has earnt them a huge group of (well deserved) followers.

Signing off


Friday, 25 September 2009

Vampires are a pain in the neck

I don't like Twilight. Fact. It's not so much the actual thing, it's all the hype and the teenagers that are in love with 'R-Patz' and think that they will marry him as soon as he sets eyes on them. Also if it isn't Kristen Stewart on the cover of Dazed & Confused, it's Anna Paquin from True Blood on the cover of Nylon. Also True Blood look's ,to say the least, shocking. It has a heck load of hype in the U.S (apparently) and now it's coming over the pond. Hooray another influx of vampire based rubbish.
Jonathan Saunders' make up artist Lucia Pieroni created "Beautiful, sexy vampires" for the show.

The thing is, these girls actually look like they are ill, which I think is a bit weird and also not really what Pieroni was going for. The red lipstick was supposed to be seeping through like they had just had a quick bite, but i think it looks like they have a bleeding lip. Also bleached brows. The ever emerging A/W trend which is riduculously hard to pull off, because they make you look like an alien.

So thats all for now, byebye


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Get snappy + Song of the Day

The Christopher Kane dress arrived yesterday. I'm quite delighted with it. So here are a couple of snaps (ok I think that may be enough bad puns for now) that I took...

This dress frightens me a bit. The detail of that animal is immense.

Also I'm going to start doing song of the week rather than song of the day. You'll get a better song promise, because i will have had longer to find a really really good one. So here it is for the last time...Song Of The Day.

Julian Casblancas - 11th Dimension

Sounds like something else I've heard but I'm not quite sure what. He's that bloke from The Strokes, incase you recognise his little face.


Marc Jacobs will take over the world!

I'm off school today, so I have not much else to do but post.

I've been reading Nylon ALL morning, and there is the tiniest ever like half a page about Marc Jacobs new 8 piece cheap-as-chips collection, Don't miss the Marc. True there may be not much to write about clothes wise, (duh there is eight pieces!) but c'mon this is going to get Marc to the people, or more correctly, the kids. Cheaper than Marc by Marc Jacobs, everything retails for less than $200. It's designed to be back to school for all the lucky Americans who don't actually have to wear school uniform. (note earlier rant)
Don't fret my pet + doodle tees for $58 a pop, leggings with various degrees of coolness for $68, little denim skirts for $98...
OK some of the stuff leaves me a little less than happy (stretch denim Capri pants), but if this stuff was on sale over in this merry place, I would buy it fo'sho.
Let's face it, it's not as good as Marc By Marc Jacobs but it is definitely more recession friendly.
So combine this with the main Marc Jacobs, he now has his name on 3 companies which make some damn nice clothes.
For goodness sake, you can even get a Marc Jacobs condom! Now if that isn't a sign of a man who is going to be the king of the world one day, I don't know what is.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pin It

Punk is back. Let's face it, it's not as good as the first time round. This time it's all about fashion and looking like a hipster, not sticking it to the government or whoever it may be.
So nowadays everyone wants to look like a punk rocker, sticking safety pins all over the place. Moschino of course with it's almost entirely pinned collection, from dresses to necklaces, they were EVERYWHERE...
Makeshift Safety Pin necklaces are doing the rounds with the alternative fashion pack too. Agyness Deyn wore one to LFW this week, and sporting one for a long time Nick Cave's amzingly gorgeous son, Jethro Cave.
Alice Dellal wears alot of pins too, the Geldof's are getting into it, Taylor Momsen showed a change in season 2 of Gossip Girl, with the coolest clutch I've seen in a LONG time, from designer Bodhi.

So now I'm off to pin everything I own, and I'll listen to some Sonic Youth while I'm doing it.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Song Of The Day

The Drums- Let's go surfing

Ok so the boyfriends discovery, but a nice tune with good whistley and clappy bits.

Rodarte Spring Summer 2010

WOW! NYC Fashion Week bought a lot of surprises for everyone most of all the Rodarte Show. On paper the whole idea for the show sounds, to say the least,a bit weird, a mixture of futurism and privitism, dresses made from scraps of cheesecloth, leather and macrame among other things all knotted together with a runway shrouded in smoke from a smoke machine. But then you see the clothes...And just look at those clothes. Rodarte certainly have a distinct look and this season they moulded it into something a little bit different. The tribal tattoos took 40 minutes for each model and boy do they grab attention. Along with the slicked back hair and dark dark lips, this show just demanded to get all eyes right where they needed to

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Song Of The Day

Oh My...weird chilled out house music with a music video like a tripped out dream. Teengirl Fantasy are on the rise...and i like them.
Teengirl Fantasy- Portofino


Coloured Hair is BACK

Prozena Schouler showed surf tousled hair at their Spring Summer 2010 show. Nothing new there I agree, but then whats this...oh my they've dyed the models hair grunge inspired green and lilac! Unfortunately it's only two of the models in the whole show, but i can see a trend coming. Along with highlighted braids a Oscar De La Renta and neon twists at Zac Posen, prepare for a much brighter spring summer, even if it is only a little bit.



Friday, 18 September 2009

Song Of The Day

Tiny Masters Of Today...and they are tiny! Ivan is 14 and his little sister Ada is 12. But they make a good noise for the youth.
Real Good Sunroof Remix
no video sorry, stream it and download if you do so wish :)


Christopher Kane for Topshop

OH MY DAYS!!! so yeah i went on the Topshop website yesterday and it told me that the Christopher Kane collaboration was hitting tomorrow. So I went on it today in textiles (what a good education I'm getting) and had a little look see...

It's Black. and studded. and FIERCE! I basically died when I saw it. The crocodile print T-shirt and dress are my favourite pieces. This is going to sell out ridiculously quick you mark my words, with the t-shirt selling out in all sizes except 6 and 8 already! Ive just bought the dress of the website. £60. For Christopher Kane? It's a no brainer surely.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Song Of The Day

Yeahyeahyeah i watched a Nylon TV video which is backstage at Erin Wassons show and nicked this song from it.


Internet shopping! well browsing...

ok so cozzz i live all out in the sticks i cant always get to the big smoke that is London so I have started to browse on t'internet for shopping oppurtunities. I am so moving into the technological age!
First up...American ApparelI love this dress, nice shape, nice pattern and erm...well its nice ok?
Next up...Urban OutfittersTechnically Cheap Monday but i am liking this ALOT. £95 may be tuppence to some people, but honest like i would get told off for buying it.
Last but not Least...Blood Is The New Black
I adore these guys so much. They get really cool artists all together and then make them design some ruddy cracking t-shirts. Heres a few more which I'm just loving.



Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Song Of The Day

Short and Sweet. These guys remind me of the early Passion Pit stuff.
They do good remixes aswell :)
Neon Indian- Terminally Chill


Those school uniforms made a joke of you and me

Ok so the Wombats are old and no one likes them anymore but this line has never been more appropriate. So now I'm back at school and it totally suxxx but the worst thing about it all is uniform. It's worse than the pressure, coursework and exams (well maybe not but you know).

Ok so I have 8 glorious weeks to wear whatever I wish, have my hair the way I want, wear tights in other colours and patterns than just plain black (we get told off for grey tights for goodness sake) and then suddenly I'm plonked back into this place with these clothes and rules about clothes. No longer is it the usual like dont do black shoes brown bag or wear a black bra with a white tee, its also things like top button done up (which no one does), black shoes, black tights, LONG skirt (which no one does again) and shirt tucked in.

Clothes really do show where we are placed the world. When you're an adult you can wear what you want, be free! But when you're a child (urgh) then you just have to put up with looking like every other person in the whole un-adult world.

Also I just have to add a few words...POLY-COTTON MIX. Enough said.

Charles Anatase, please design me a new uniform :)


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Top 5

Ok so now the spring summer 2010 shows have started to show and I'm already picking out outfits which i can delightfully rip off at a fraction of the price.

so here are my top five s/s outfits so far, ok its early but lets get in there quick eh?

Number 5: Erin Wasson x RVCASo kicking off the count down, model turned designer Erin Wasson shows us what shes made of. I love the fit of the top plus its stripey (love,love,love). Plus look at those boots! my new obsession is chunky big boots.Well done Erin youve made me a very happy lady.

Number 4: Rag & BoneI'm not a light coloured trouser girl per say, but these might just be the turning point for me. Im liking the fit, shape, colour everything! plus the leather blazer kicks it off well. A good outfit although maybe not to everyones taste.

Number 3: Jason Wu This boys gonna be big. His whole collection mades me feel happy and good and smiley. But this gorgeous little number put the icing on the cake. Love the colour and feather detail, a bit bizarre with the lime belt but none the less, its a pretty little number.

Number 2: Preen

More people should wear Preen. They should be more well known for their gorgeous clothes than designing sanitary towel tins. This is my favourite dress from the collection. Its tight, its sheer, its got weird sleeve things which i kinda adore.

Number 1: William Rast

Theyre calling him the new kid on the block. Hes been around for a while but hes only just got amazingly good. This outfit is so perfect, the leather jacket is good fit, striped top and skin tight jeans. All in the best tone alive, BLACK!Throw on a pair of chunky boots and im completely sold.

ill be back soon my little chiccadees


Song Of The Day

Its that time again!
Today is a song fairly new to me and most...i think its good listening buh.
Plus the guy on the second left has a cracker of a tasche
Holiday Shores. nuff said. i hope you listen and like.
the video makes me smile too, starting a video with a close up of two peaches, class.

ciao bella