Saturday, 30 January 2010

Stella McCartney pre-fall

HELLO! I am so happy at the moment it's unreal, mummy bought me some lovely new boots and a crop top from Topshop...I'll probably see a gagillion other people wearing it in like two days but whatever. I'm just bored of it man.
Anyway yeah I'm getting those no later than tuesday so it should be all good.
Back to the point, I don't really see the point in pre-season collections. Like they are all good and everything but kinda dull sometimes. So I've already written about Alexander Wang because I really like it, and now Stella McCartney because she's a beaut. I really really really love this. It's like cool pyjamas tracksuit hybrid. Shame it's in grey, I would dig this in maybe a mint green or dusty pink, for that nineties toddler look (i had a lovely puffy onesie in mint green, it would be nostalgic if this was too). I think that Stella McCartney took her inspiration for this from a dodgy second hand curtain shop. I really hope she did, my admiration for her would go through the bloody roof.Just had to include it. Nice shape, weird wood type printed material, plus it has this circle cape thing going on. It's pretty much ace.
That's all for today everyone. I am getting into Glee far too much, so I'm going to watch it.
Also on T4 there was just a programme about Ke$ha (oh yeah get me with the dollar sign) and I swear she was wasted. Maybe that's just her persona I don't know.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Oh dear me...

Hey guys, i'm sure this is old news to most by now but everyone has an opinion so im going to tell mine.
so basically Tavi wore this headpiece (people keep calling it a hat, in my eyes its not a hat) to the Dior Haute Couture show and everyone is getting all worked up about it.
Some people are getting way into hating her for it but I think that its just a bit rude of her. She's sitting front row, and although she is short, it is the equivalent of a tall person standing in front of you. Which is the most annoying thing ever, take note big haired girl at JME, and tall lanky boy and co at the Maccabees.
Also I think that it shows her age, she is only 13 after all. All the others who sit front row don't wear extrovert pieces because they have the experience and the knowing about what goes on in these shows, and what is courteous to the other people there.
I find it so amazing that she got to sit front row at a haute couture show. I'm jealous obviously, but in my eyes this is a kinda silly thing to do when youre in with the fashion elite.
But what do I know, I don't even work for a living.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


hey guys, this is a rambling post so i couldn't think of name so i just put the date.
I've been reading loads of other blogs lately, and I keep finding these really pretentious ones written by people my age.
For gods sake people, you are 16 years old. You know nothing about the world. You can't try and sound really profound and intellectual by pointing out that everyone is so small in the grand scheme of things. Everyone knows that, so shut up.
It makes me so mad, to be honest if I read a blog I want to hear something interesting not just another generic 'individual' kid moaning about how little they mean to everyone and how depressing their life is. Boo hoo, whatever. Man up.

Sorry I had to get that off my chest.
Post soon on something that isnt so negative and kinda hypocritical.

Monday, 25 January 2010

i want this hair

Like two more inches and my hair will be just about there. That is all I have to say.
got it from Kyra's blog

New old jacket

hey guys, today i was ill (and not in the like cool street way, in the mucus-y gross way, i'm such a sicky child nowadays). Anyway i thought id show some pictures of my jacket...

These pictures make it look a lot bluer than it is, its kind of lighter than navy by about two shades. I got this other jacket, it's a YSL mens windbreaker but I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, it's HUGGGGEEE. But I got that one and this one (which is Laura Ashley) for £8.50. In a vintage shop they would be like £25 each, maybe more. I love charity shops, it takes a while to get what you want but it's worth it.

Also my gran gave me this long tartan dress, i'll put pictures up soon. It kinda has a Miu Miu feel, which i am totally in love with. Except it's made of wool and it makes me look about 40.

i'm back to my sick bed now, have a nice evening


Sunday, 24 January 2010

A chinese woman could have blinded me...

Hey there, honestly last night was pretty weird.
Right so me and maisie decided to go to this chinese restaurant for our birthdays. So yeah we went and when we had finished all our lovely meal (22 of us went, jenny and me shared duck pancakes and beef and rice) the waitresses bought over this ice cream. Here is what followed:
1. The ice cream came in a poppadom
2. The old chinese woman kissed me on both cheeks
3. She then popped a party popper right in my face, at close range.

So yeah thats that, i was pretty freaked out.
Here are some pictures of my t-shirt, ohh exciting right? ignore my face, i tend to look like a grumpy toddler in photos.
I bought 2 jackets yesterday, which i will post about later today or tomorrow. Whenever I feel like it really.
Also song of the week will be late (again) so don't hold your breath for it yeah?

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have posted about a gazillion times about being bored. I am constantly bored, even when something good happens its just like oh it'll be over soon. Ok maybe thats a bit more negativity than boredom but argh im so bored i could eat my left arm. and then my right arm. and then both my legs.
But here is some rad drawings and art stuff that i found on fecal face. They are not boring and they brighten up my day. Eric Yahnker-Weave me tender.It's Elvis all messed up, I want it really big on my wall.
Damon Soule- Prime Oblivion. I like it, but it kinda makes my eyes hurt a bit and the colours are kinda gross. But still.
All of these photos are by Amy Stein. Photography is pretty samey usually so I suppose you have to change the subject to make it different. The dead rabbit in the garden cuttings is my favourite. Anyway she takes loads of pictures with cool animals in, like bears and stuff. I'm looking for one with a raccoon in. They're my favourite.
smell ya later (i love the simpsons waaaaaay to much)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Updates+Song of the week:Picture Plane

So hello everyone, happy sunday. I have a ridiculous amount of work to do today and I have conjunctivitis in my right eye. It's all puffy and really small and soooo gross.
Not much of any interest going on, i went to ellas last night it was pretty fun. The way I said that sounded like there was a bar called ellas,no i went to her house. I FINALLY ordered the Luella T-shirt with the pyramid holding a bag of money on! It was like £30 including p+p and should get here on monday. Erm...oh and i found a hubcap so i am now using it as a bowl to keep odds and ends in. Yeah thats about it really.

A merry little ditty.
I will be doing a significant post soon hopefully, probably about my t-shirt or whatever catches my eye.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Topshop get some new ideas please

I shop in Topshop. A large percentage of my clothes come from there. I don't like shopping there but I still do. I am attempting to phase it out though, so hopefully before 2010 is out I will have maybe 2 or 3 items from there. Now that's all cleared up, lovely jubbly. Something fishy is going on here, sorry the pictures so bad i had to get a tiny one and then make it big so its a bit shitty. So basically the Alexander Wang piece has like opaque material on the arms and neck line. The Topshop one has it on the bottom, plus it has long sleeves and is basically the same shape and everything.
Also who can forget this one? This is far too similar to get away with it.I appreciate getting inspiration from designer pieces, but you have to draw the line at just knocking them off completely. Two years ago Chloe sued them for copying some yellow dungarees (which are ugly as sin in my opinion). They had to pay $12000 and destroy all of the other garments.
So Topshop please can you stop making copies of EVERYTHING, and also can you make everything a little less samey? when I went in last week everything was black or nude or stripey so please get your act together.

Monday, 11 January 2010


Today it's my birthday...and yesterday an old man said how do you do to me when I was walking home. It made my year.
I have like nothing to say, so I will get back when I do.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Jil Sander for Uniqlo

Hey guys! I haven't been posting so much right now, but I am trying to as much as I can ok?
So today I was browsing and I found some pictures of Jil Sanders new collection for Uniqlo. I think this is her second collab with the chain, and its pretty ace to be frank
I would wear the pink shirt under the mustard jacket. Also the colour of the padded jacket is like my favourite colour ever, it's kind of a shame that the jacket is the only piece with that colour. I'm pretty sure the navy jacket is a mens one, but it has a real interesting shape so it looks unisex.
It launched last Thursday, go forth and buy.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

No editions

Hey guys, today we got half the day off because of snow. Honestly you get a light drizzle of sleet and england comes to a halt.
Anyway, these New Yorkers who make No Editions have made honestly the coolest clothes ever. I know I say this alot but honestly this is amazing. So they filmed a model wearing their clothes in the street, and then they magnified the stills a gagillion times so that it made a print. Plus every piece has an indivual pattern.

I love how they are so floaty and kinda opaque, but it gives the dresses alot of depth. My favourite is the long dress on the last picture, the necklines are niiiiiiiiiiiice. I'm still not sure about the colours, but the idea behind it is one of the best I've heard in a very long while. It's very creative, non?


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Song of the week...Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils-Daydream.

I know I didn't do one last week, so I just kinda skipped it. Don't worry you wouldn't have missed much, i've been playing the same 4 songs all week.


Saturday, 2 January 2010


Ok so first proper post of the year! Hooray, happy new decade and everything guys.
So here we go, today its about ADVERTS...wooo.
Well in particular the Givenchy S/S 2010 adverts, the whole campaign has just been released.
I LIKE IT, the shoes are so nice, and i really really like the mens sandals. Even though they are for men. I am not feeling so crazy about these two. It's not so much the way that it's been shot, it's the plain monochromatic-ness of it. In the first one there are lot's of pattern, even though there is only black and white, whereas in the others it's very straight foward and pretty dull. Also the hair and make-up? Ok you have made a collection entirely in black and white, so why make the models hair parted in the middle, and bare faces?

Not to my taste exactly, but I really do like the exploration of pattern for this collection. I just think it could have been shown in a more interesting way.

bye for now


Friday, 1 January 2010

2010 is here!

I am so tired right now so it's going to be a picture post today...All photos via