Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The world looks red

Acne s/s 2011

I have no words today.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I've got work in for tomorrow but i'm going to blog instead

Hello everyone, I have had no time to do much really. Apart from the weekly drunkeness that has become basically the only thing I live for. It's sad but oh so true.
Anyway, in an attempt to draw me out of my little hole I have been fantasizing about a trip (that may not happen but hopefully will) to Paris. So I was super lame and looked up loads of lovely pictures and nice hotels and stuff, resulting in my top 3 things I love about Paris (even though I have not been there...yet.)
1. Parisen MacaroonsAnd pastries in general. I'm a sucker for pastries, I would eat a hundred croissants a day if I could. Macaroons (or macarons, depending on preference) are the most sweet adorable things I have ever seen. The only place I have ever known to sell them in England is Claridges, so if anyone knows anywhere else please tell me.

2. VespasOr more accurately, those who drive them. They ooze chic-ness, all from a little machine with a hair drier engine and 60 watt buld for a headlight. The colours of vespas remind me of early technicolour, think of Audrey Hepburn in Paris when it sizzles, all faded round the edges and lomo-esque.

3. ChanelDo I need to say more?

I think I'm just a bit too much of a dreamer.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I feel like a tree

Oh hi there! This past week has been pretty good to be frank. Party on friday and then I saw dinner for schmucks on saturday. It was hilarious. So yeah everything is jolly good!
Errr I thought I would just blog about these super awesome t-shirt designs that are designed by this girl because they are super cool and everything...

I had to get pictures of the stickers you can buy (i love stickers) cause the designs weren't clear on any of the t-shirts or thumbnails. BUY THEM HERE My favourite is friends, just so you all know. Bye x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Song of the week: Grass Widow-Fried Egg

Thats all for now, smell you later.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thumbs up.

Hello. I posted yesterday, but frankly it was shit so i deleted it. So today I thought i would post again, about Pop. I am so in love with this magazine, its better than Lula for me because it's quite dark and more styled, and it has better layouts and more interesting pages than Love, Purple etc. AND it came with a sticker sheet this time. Actual stickers.Anyway, of course I have to post pictures of my favourite spread. Thats what I always do. So favourite this time, after much deliberation, is Rome, Savage with Eniko Mihalik and Tetyana Melnychuk...I LOVE POLONECKS. I bought one the other day and the first comment I received was 'Amy has come dressed at a vicar'. I took it as a compliment. Styling is always good, goes without saying to be honest. This spread is very luxurious, lots of fur, lace and elaborate jewels. It's pretty sweet, the whole magazine is. So go out and buy it. I should so work in advertising.

p.s RADICOOL WAS 1 YEAR OLD ON THE 5TH!can you believe it? I've managed to write about a load of rubbish for a year.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Hi there. I started 6th form 2 days ago, freaks the fuck outta me to be honest. Hopefully it'll get better and i will be a little less akward and hating everything i chose (hello i took drama therefore i must be 'bubbly' and 'hyper'...errr i hate you). Anyway I bought these wedges and i love them.This picture doesnt do them justice. They are possibly the best shoes i have ever owned. But if only they were...

I've been in love with Acne wedges for way too long. It feels like a lifetime. So some cheap rip-offs will have to fill the void until eventually i have the money or when they go out of fashion. In about two weeks.