Sunday, 29 November 2009


Hello everyone, it is the last day of the week. Or is it the first?
It really is a never ending arguement in our household, dad says its the first day and me and mum think its the last. Why would they choose it as the first day of the week after all, it makes actually no sense.
Anyway this week it's Reading Rainbow. I had never ever heard of them until about ten minutes ago, but then i watched this video and heard the song and I really liked it.

Plus the video is just two people swinging their arms around and doing a stupid dance. Who wouldn't love that?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

My little collage

Good evening. Today I managed to do actually nothing. I revised a bit, but thats not really of any interest to me or anyone else for that matter. Also I made a little collage... The deer is crying all over the old american lady. And theres a little man playing with a castle, but this photo is a bit rubbish. I don't know how to use our scanner, which I suppose is a bit stupid in this technological age.

Thats all I really wanted to say right now. Im going to watch X-Factor.



A night in London

Alrighty? Last night I went and saw Othello at Trafalgar Studios with my good old school. Well I saw it yes, but quite honestly I couldn't understand a bloody word. We got the jist but to be frank that doesn't cut the mustard, it's like a foreign language.
Also we spent 3 hours getting there, and 3 hours back. We got back home at half 12. I am so tired I think I am going to go into a coma. I need at least 10 hours of sleep or my life basically ends.
Lenry Henry was in it, he was very good. When he shouted his voice went so deep it made the room vibrate.
The best thing was that we got there an hour early so we got to go around covent garden for a little bit. Me and Anna went to paperchase and bought sparkly purple Jesus money boxes. The Mary one was blue but it was chipped which was a bit of a bummer.
Also the Lacoste pop up shop light thing was in it's full glory. We went in, and you wouldn't believe the shock on our faces when we realised everything was inflatable.

Sorry about the terrible quality pictures, i forgot my camera and had to use my crappy phone one. Anyway when we went in the front, it was like a tiny shop that went into the video bit. I hate european sizes because I can't work them out. For most people it's like oh I'm a 42 or whatever, but i'm just like what is going on with these numbers man.

So everyone there was our fantastic night in London. mmm yeah it really was life changing.I hate it when you can't tell sarcasm in things like this. Well I was being sarcastic.

Have a nice day everyone!


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tripped Out Space Fiction

I love psychedelia, right now it is my favourtie thing. The colours and the thoughts that go behind it all, gah I adore it. So when I was flipping through the good old internet and I found this artist called Seana Gavin. Look at these. Feasts for the eyes my friend, feasts for the eyes.Excess, one of my favourites.The random head in the clouds,spaceman, butterfly floating across an electronic rainbow, nice one.Less, Im not sure about this one. The colours arent so trippy and bright as the others, but then they have hands pointing into the sky. You have got to love that. Untitled. If I had to give it a title it would be HIGDBNHSTYGGHDVKUYD. It is my favourite, jellyfish, and weird plant things that look like creatures. And to top it all off, youve got a famous marble statue in the middle, making out in the midst of all that acid drenched lovelyness.

Her work is freaking amazing, non? Im going to try and make some of my own, minus the drug influences. Ill just have to eat a lot of sugar or something.

bye my loves.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ricardo Tisci should be my friend

When I started writing this little blog, I thought oh yeah ill write about fashion and it will be fab-u-lous. But usually I just write about natterings of my brain and not much else, but its ok because they are in the fashion genre (kinda, ok yeah whatever). But today I am going to actually write about a collection of clothes created by a designer, for people with loads and loads of money.
Ive been on for agggggeees trying to find something worth writing about. Alexander McQueen I have already written about, although I could go on for days about the prints and structures and armadillo shoes...ok stop getting off task. But then I thought I would go for Givenchy.
I remember seeing a Givenchy dress a few seasons back in Vogue and just absolutely falling in love with it, but since then pretty much all the stuff theyve done has been off my radar. BUT THEN I SAW THIS...
OH MY GODDDDDDD!!! Ruffle mania. I love love love love love it, the way that the ruffles make the structure of the dress, and the colour is just gorgeous, the top sheer panel is kinda off putting quite honestly but the shoulder detailing makes up for it. I just wish that we didnt need to see nipples in this dress. And the boots. I need them in my life.
This is actually a dress that I will be dreaming about. The lapels on the front sound so bad on paper, but for some reason they really work in real life. Also the ruffles once again, highlighting the waist and the material is flowy but at the same time it keeps the shape. I cant believe how much I like this dress, even though it has panels of harsh black and animal print.And to wrap it all up, this. I realise that all the things I've chosen are dresses, but don't hold that against me. This one deserves a mention I do believe. I mean just look at that shiny-ness! I want this, its such a statement piece. The shape is really interesting, even though it does flow it has the rigid top half, and then its tucked in and bubble at the bottom.

Ahhh thats more like it. I want these things so much. Ricardo Tisci, if you read this, drop me a line.

Well heres to wishing folks.


Also just to say, when I told my dad I wanted Lola by Marc Jacobs, he thought that Marc Jacobs was a boy at school. Im not even kidding.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Abbey Lee Kershaw...enough said

Hey guys! Whats happening in your life?
In my life, basically nothing is. All thats happening is exam stress, and watching telly. But everyones in the same boat so its all good. Thanks friends!
Alright so today I will be spilling my brains about Abbey Lee Kershaw...So I've been reading I-D pretty much all the time since I bought it,(also she is in this months dazed and confused, expect an update when I get it)and I keep going back to this one article time and time again. I love the pictures, she has a nose ring! I so want one, when I'm 16 for definite. Also she has a nipple piercing! Ouch! It shows it in one of the pictures but this is not that kind of site so if you want to see it, use google yeah?

Also the article is actually quite interesting, its a pretty good read. It says that she represents the freaks, the weirdos and inhabits a world of fairies, mermaids and stig of the dumps where things definitely go bump in the night. Sounds like my kind of girl quite honestly.
Ok so here are the top five things I have found out and love about her:

Number 1: She has TRUTH tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip.

Number 2: She has a lizard called Annie.

Number 3: She's convinced she is supposed to be a mermaid.

Number 4: She is from down under.

Number 5: She fainted at Alexander McQueen's s/s 09 show, because her corset was too tight (mmm yeah sure)

So we have all learnt something, been inspired and now we must part ways, as I have a packet of fruit salads to eat and only half an hour to do it in. And no i cant eat them and type at the same time. What am I, a functional human?



Sunday, 22 November 2009

Song of the week...once again

Thats right, its that time again, song time!

If you listen to this song really really loud, it makes your tummy feel funny and you cant feel your fingers. Well maybe thats just me.

AHH and I managed to get the little player thing up! For those who don't know I always have problems with this, but now it's done it. HOORAY!


Friday, 20 November 2009

Everyone loves a Cardigan

hey there.
I bought a cardi the other day, it was £3.99 from the Red Cross, bargain.
It came with shoulder pads, which i took out but in the bottom left picture they are in (ive not just got abnormally big shoulders). Its like the most versatile thing i have ever bought, you can make it look like a proper granny style jumper or an oversized knitted blazer or a coatigan. Just take my word for it yeah? It's a beauty.
Thick stripes in lovely dark colours, bellisima for autumn. Also the buttons on the sleeve are mini versions of the main buttons, this is probably common occurrance but I was astounded and it was like the best moment of my life ever when i saw.
I wore it the other night, when i went to pizza express with all the girls! We had a jolly old time, but we had to run to the bus and a girl in a tartan jacket and bowler hat (she was wearing other things of course, but it was very dark) was like oh wouldnt it be funny if they all got hit by a bus, and then her boyfriend was like yeah it would be like pachowww splat. That isnt funny, that is quite frankly disturbing.
Some rafters and a gross old building. I like the colours, i think they are awesome.

see you round

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The best/scummiest thing to come out of my attic

Welcome to another post (que fanfare, long trumpets with tapestrys hanging off them etc etc.)
And the topic for now is...a denim cut off.
Yes an entire post about a denim cut off, well this is the 21st century after all.

So my dear old father has been telling me about this cut off for ages, about how he used to wear it back in the day with all the gang blah blah. But until now he has never actually shown me it, until this fateful eve when my door was thrown open and an old denim rag was chucked in my general direction (i got an A in creative writing, can you tell?)
Taa-daa! Yes a slight anti climax but who's never had that before. So yes it is scummy, it has buttons missing,it is ripped to kingdom come, here are the best ones...
This is at the back, beside the label and in a crucial seam of the jacket. I love how the rips show how faded the denim has become, its one of lifes many beauties.
This is on the arm hole, which is actually so big i thought it was the arm hole. Also theres one at the top which is like a three pronged rip fest.
The front left side. Missing button/stud detail thing, reinforced button holes and an ominous red stain. I figured it was too round in shape to be a blood splat, but you never really know what it may be.

Oh and i have saved the absolute best bit for last...

Thats right, an embroidered patch saying suffolk. lamest thing i have seen all year. and im not allowed to take it off, even though it is now mine.

So yes we have lined up the pros (onminous stain, rip central) and the cons (the bloody huge suffolk thing, by the way i detest suffolk with a passion, and im allowed to say that because i have been stuck here for 15 years) for this little number.

And in doing so i have worked out that i will only ever wear this for days when i want to look like a grunge hipster from the front, and a sad suffolk fanatic from the back. mmm this will probably go back to the loft then. shame really, my current cut off is a shambles (and not in a good way)

well i hope you liked reading this, it was long enough eh?



Sunday, 15 November 2009

Song of the week

Thats right kids its song time again!
I am so bad at this uploading video marlarky, i just have to post a link but everyone else in the blog world (blogsphere? what is that even) seems to be able to get a youtube little box thing that you can just watch straight off.
OK so you cool cats are just gonna have to follow the link like lambs to the slaughter. sorry about that.
i had to mute my tv to listen to this and i actually am ridiculously in love with it. The song is GREAT and the video reminds me of days before i was born.
watch it please, it will make me happy :)

Must Dash

Alriiiiiiiiiiight? I have noticed something...moustaches are blooming everywhere.
So here we have...
Urban Outfitters
American ApparelLazy Oaf

I dont believe it to be frank with you. Also here comes a little bit of gloating on my part, i have been wearing a tasche necklace everyday for an entire year. If you dont believe me, ask my mother.

Mine has gone a bit funny now, the chain has lost its silverness and is kinda a bit coppery and the acyrlic has dappled, but i will never ever ever not wear it (except in the bath and shower, i sleep in it too).

Also they have it in a ring

And on a nice note for leaving,moustache plasters for cuts that need to man up.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

I can't even think of a title...
Luella is gone. another company devoured by the recession.
I actually cried. its a sad day for us all.

fashion used to be about the style god dammit, now its all about the green.

Friday, 13 November 2009

The whole world is going Gaga

Hey there. Do you want to see some nice pictures inspired by hansel+gretel, shot by Annie Lebowitz and styled by Grace Coddington?COOL...i love these pictures, theyre magical and dreamy and amazing. BUT... Suddenly, out of some kind of hole, Lady Gaga is all up in the shoot. Why may I ask, is she even there?? These photos are good and blah but come on, she has no relevance. I hate her, shes arrogant and self absorbed and so irratating. But that aside, Andrew Garfield and Lily Cole are both actors, they play the part, they fit the bill, but Gaga just no, please god no.
Safe to say Gaga is taking over the entire world, with her 'oh im so crazy, people have always called be weird, because i dress so extremely and im so outspoken' persona. Also does any else know Roisin Murphy? Wasn't she wearing shoulder pads, sequins and stupidly short knicker shorts about 5 years before Gaga?
I have to go, otherwise I will actually never stop.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


so song of the week was getting a boring title so its VARIETY time!
i bloody love these guys, i was gonna buy their album today but then i didnt. i like this song, but its a bit different from all the stuff on Street Horrrsing. I dont quite know what to make of it if i am completey honest.
well ta-raa

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hilary Pecis-a very unfitting name...

hey fellas! ok this one has to be short and sweet as I am going to go and see some lovely fireworks tonight HOORAY!
So Hilary Pecis is a dull name for what she creates which i am about to show y'all. Here you go!

OH MY GOD! amazing and trippy and wow! they are so full of colour and life and dreams and stuff. i love this woman, she makes me feel like im living in an 60s LSD trip. Theres more here...

Have a look yeah? this is literally the coolest thing i have ever seen.

Have a fun time with fireworks everyone! dont be silly with them, you might die.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

DAVID DAVID, so good he named it twice

BLAHAHAHA how are you my few readers? Lets catch up eh? So today I am going to be talking about David David, the like coolest print designer EVER. His clothes are very very cool, like comfort wear which is erm...good! Spring Summer 09 is my favourite print-wise.Nice beachwear ALOT! And I was flicking through some magazine, right at the front y'know where they put all the ads, and I came across this...
The sweater in the middle, here it is a little closer...

Sorry for the quite frankly appalling picture quality, this is basically all I could find. But if you just have a little look-see at this picture and the fabulous David David designs at the beginning, all I can see is a rip off of a print altered a tinyyyy bit. Tell me if you agree or not, but I think Lacoste have got something fishy going on.
Ciao bella!