Thursday, 29 April 2010

3.1 Philip Lim underwear - I'm having a moment

Hello everyone! How are your lives going? To start off I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that follows this blog and all of you who comment and everything. I just realised I had never said it so yeah, cheers.
Alright now thats out of the way here is the post...
3.1 Philip Lim underwear, youhavenoideahowinloveiam (im so excited its all one word)

AHHH! I love the colours and how its so nice but it still looks mega comfy. Yes it costs more than a small second hand car to buy all 3 sets, but i know what id rather have. I could just use my mums car.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fossilized tree resin,a man from duran duran

I thought I would attempt to make a pun of some kind for the title but im not really on top form, so its kind of a guessing game. Ok so fossilized tree resin is...amber(duh) and a man from duran duran is...simon le bon. blend them together and make AMBER LE BON (dear lord i need to get out more.)
So anyway I know everyone is mega critical of model/musicians daughters/sons who become models or whatever other job the people who do it say is really hard but we all know they are living easyyyy. But unlike the geldofs (urgh) Amber Le Bon is actually amazingly HOT.In a editorial for test magazine (the video that goes with this is great, i love it, the whole site is pretty fucking ace). Her hair is so cool. Like half blonde and wow.

Yeah she's pretty much old news to the world by now, but this was the first thing i had come across with her in that i actually liked.


Monday, 26 April 2010


Today i was supposed to get the ends of my hair lilac like this girl...But I didnt, I now have to wait another week cause they didnt have the right colour and i have to buy my own.Its saddening.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Hello! today i finally got my photos back, the ones from my camera. they took their sweet time. anyway here they are, bearing in mind that i have never used my camera before, or 120 film, and also i didnt have a light meter so it was all by my eye which quite frankly is a bit shit.

Pretty shit subjects, but i didnt want to take mega interesting photos and then have them not come out. the next roll of film will be much better i promise.

x x x

Friday, 23 April 2010


Hello. I haven't posted in a very long time (well 3 days) and I'm kinda getting bored. So yeah.
I'm currently going through one of those stages where nothings interesting and everythings annoying. It sucks. But whatever life goes on.
There's a girl called Olivia Bolles, but she calls herself Olivia Bee. She takes nice pictures. She's 15 but that doesnt mean that she's anything great just because she's 15, she's great because she is very talented and age doesn't even come into that.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Song of the week-Heavy Times

Hello, so basically im now working on the system that song of the week can be any day of the week. Hey im mixing it up...
This week it's just going to have to be a link to myspace (hello 10 years ago) because the band whos song i loved this week arent signed and dont have a label or anything.
so the song is the first one on the player, no plans. it sounds like summer. heres a lovely picture.

BYE x x x

Monday, 19 April 2010


Hello, i'm tired so this is going to be a reasonable sized post. with many pictures.
So my faith in the internet has been restored after I found out about this japanese magazine called so en.The styling is NICCCCE. It kind of reminds me of how nylon used to be before it went all teen vogue. I have just found this as everyone has pretty much got over the initial novelty and stuff. BUT i dont care, I looked on the proper website and its all in japanese which is nice and helpful, so i just clicked on stuff i didnt know until i found this picture...

I have to say that this outift is cooler than anything ive seen in a very long time.the japanese put the rest of the world in the shade when it comes to crazy styling.very very very good. very.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

the internet sucks.

i have been searching, nay, trawling the internet to find something nice and interesting to write about. and there is nothing. at all. which totally sucks.
So instead I am going to just put a big old collage of all these old pictures and shit.
Pictures from top left, going clockwise: Still from A Single man,shoot from Test magazine, old photo I found on my computer,vintage bags (my amazing photography), my globe lampshade, the maccabbees from ages ago, guy jumping in a river from somewhere on the internet.

In the middle is one of my favourite pictures of all time. It's a baby monkey with a budweiser. What's not to love? That took me a riduculous amount of time to make by the way, appreciate it.

I'm off, got work to do and stuff.

Friday, 16 April 2010

A Single man

HELLO! I have been busy this week, well not really but you know its the holidays and I have only had 2 days at home in two weeks. Anyway the other day (I can't remember which, I'm all muddled) I went and saw A Single man. I must say, it is one of the best films ever. So the basic story is that a guy called george loses his boyfriend in a car crash and sinks into a pit of depression. The film follows him over a single day, and he has various encounters with a range of people including his friend charley, played by Julianne Moore.

She is one of my favourite characters cause she is drunk basically all the time, and her house is mega nice. Plus she smokes pink cigarettes. Classy.Nicholas Hoult plays the student who basically stalks George. He has to do an american accent which is a bit weird but it's quite good. Also the girl with him is his girlfriend kinda, played by Aline Weber. A model? Doing acting? SHOCKING! Well not really because all she does is look moody and chain smoke and not talk. So yeah not acting, posing.

I know that is very short but I really have no time, so just go and see it ok? It's blinding.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Song of the week-Diplo vs. Sunday Girl

Late as always, what can i say.

Yeah the girls voice is hella annoying, but overall i like it. So yeah enjoy.
x x x

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Ann Sofie Back for Cheap Monday.Wahoo. Ann Sofie Back is such a good designer and it's not that expensive. the duct tape dress is like £50 and you can buy most of the collection from urban outfitters.

I really have nothing else to say today so over and out.

Friday, 9 April 2010

New old dress

the reason why i am skint.

Let's get sprung

Hello everyone. I was reading I-D earlier (cause like i bought it ages ago but haven't got round to reading it yet) and there was a teeny tiny editorial with Abbey Lee in it...

Yeah she's not really wearing many clothes which defies the point of a fashion magazine about clothes, BUT she is painted gold. Snaps for I-D. The 'top' in the second picture is so nice, it has such an unusual shape and the print on it is mega ace. Boots in the last one are totally amazing,the heels are pretty damn fierce. I'm sorry i couldn't think of any other word.

x x x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Roger Daniel. David David. wow.

Hello there. I know I haven't been posting all that much but you know, stuff to do, people to see. Anyway I was browsing and I found these mega cool illustrations by Roger Daniel using David David prints for sketchbook magazine. The issue was about british designers and these pictures were used for the bit about David David.There was another one but I didn't like it very much so I just left it off. But these two, I just love them. The boy with the laser eyes is rad. That's right RAD.

Yesterday we saw these girls who were just milling around various charity shops and they just had this whole air about them that was mega annoying. You know those people who are like yeah I'm a photographer and a blogger and a model and a DJ and a designer and I'm in an experimental noise band which totes pushes all the boundaries of all music genres? well yeah they were like that.

But we didn't actually talk to them, so we can't be completley sure, but I bet my bottom dollar they were.

BYE x x x

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Song of the week-Million Young

Hey guess what? It's another song thats all like dreamy and stuff.Yeah its like the same as washed out and toro y moi but what you gonna do about it basically.


Bonjour. Yesterday there was another vintage fair in the good old town in wherest i live (i wrote about some of the stuff from the last one here) and it was pretty good, even though there were some pretty heavy april showers.I bearly took any pictures sorry, it was like bloody piccadily circus. But I did spot this one skirt, which was Giles-esque...

Photos of Katy Perry from Nylon.

I didn't get it cause I spent all my money on this other dress (it reminded me of Christopher Kane, I just had to) but i'll get pictures up soon.


x x x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Nailed it

hey guys! we have now broken up for easter, wahey. so basically my plan is to start eating healthy, you know getting in shape and stuff, but i think we all know that after about half an hour i will just be eating easter eggs and watching tv for about 7 hours a day.
anywaaaay...Gareth Pugh F/W 2010 nails

nails. with. chains. I actually cannot believe it, i wish wish wish i had a set. The long ones are kind of gross and would get all tangled but they are runway ones so they arent supposed to be practical i guess. But the short ones I just love.

Hopefully I will post a bit more over the break, but i would say dont hold your breath

x x x x