Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be Bop A Lula

hey there. haven't posted in a bit and it is Halloween so might as well do something worthwhile eh? OK Halloween isn't an excuse to post, but i should really be doing something like coursework. pfft who needs that.
Yesters i went to Norwich shopping (again!) and i found that Borders contains THE best magazines ever. I spend far too much money on magazines as it is (I-D, Nylon, Dazed and Confused) and then comes the big bi-annual ones like POP, Wonderland, Love, Another. But these magazines you can get anywhere man. And others are way to hard to find like Purple Magazine, Russh, D magazine, Amelias Magazine (which unfortunately is no more), and the lovely Lula. I have been looking for Lula for bascially all my life, I even considered buying it for £20 offa t'internet but it was sold out. And then I went to Borders. And there was about a billion of them.
Ahhh it is so lovely. This issue was all about the red heads, and as per usual it was full of beautiful styling and pictures which look like they were taken many years ago on proper cameras which use film and dont come with cables or any of that.

This is my favourite page from the whole magazine (there is a heck load to choose from) because it is just so lovely! They have made Lindsey Wixon look so soft and delicate, with her pillow like lips and gorgeous hair! I so wish I could do side plaits, they seem to be everywhere right now. Plus I love the colours used in the shoot, the backgrounds match the colours of the clothes so nicely, and the whole thing made me smile :)

Oh it is so lovely, it's very airy and bright. Unlike most other magazines around (hello Dazed and Confused has some kind of erotic leather in it every month). OK not necessarily my style, but the pictures are amazing and the word layout is jumbled and good to read, coz its short and snappy.

Im gonna scat now, see you round


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Rankin+Alex Box=AMAZING

The Alex Box by Rankin exhibition launched on Thursday, and due to pure laziness on my account, I haven't written about it yet! Well now I am so it's all good.
Oh it looks so fantastic, I can't believe it. I love Rankin (I bought the magazine to Rankin Live even though I didn't actually go to it...lame) and Alex Box is like everything I love personified. She's such an extrovert and the looks she produces rule, plus her cosmetic brand Illamasqua (I still can't say it properly) makes the most intense and crazy colours EVER.

AAAHHHH AMAZING!!! i really really really want to go see it. It closes in December so plenty of time to. Have a nice day y'all :)


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Genius In Cosmetic Form

Urban Decay have been lying low on my radar of recent and then this happened. Kime Buzzeli (artist, costume designer for 90210 none the less, all round gorgeous person) has designed this new box for them, and filled it with lovely little eyeshadows and the such. She's called it Show Pony, after her lovely and now deceased shop.My favourite is the purple, I can just imagine someone wearing it in a totally extrovert way to Boombox or Smash and Grab.

Wow I wish I was a Kime Buzzeli girl. They look like they never go to bed, and feel all the better for it. Yes they aren't real but everyone should have an imagination. Her T-shirts on Blood is the new Black are my absolute favourite. Colour I think would be epic though.

Kime, I adore you.


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009

Tight Bro

OK there is this MASSIVE buzz around the new Henry Holland tights. Well if you havent seen them already here they are...

The alphabet ones are probably the most talked about. Two words, Alexa. Chung. She wore them ages ago and since then everyone has wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Dont get me wrong they are nice, but you know theyre not the most amazing and individual things I have ever seen.

Also the colour chart ones are a tad dull. The black and white ones look like they just highlight the knee area in a weird and unflattering way. The lilac ones remind me of parma violets. Nuff said.

So yeah not too impressed to be honest, theyre nice but not that amazing to me. What do ya think fellows?


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Trekstock Loves and I love Trekstock

You've all heard of Trekstock right? They have supported the Teenage Cancer trust for four years through music n'that. And now they have launched Trekstock Loves, which is a project that launched at LFW s/s 10 at Bungalow 8 (a club which I wish I was both cool and old enough to go to). They collaborated with (deep breath)...WOW amazing, I adore the Ksubi cut off, plus the Henry Holland tee makes me laugh. If I wore it around this place, people would shit themselves. Honestly.

Get it from Browns Focus and all the proceeds go to the charity, so you can look and feel good. There is not actually a cream that can provide it as well as this.

The only bad thing about this? It's not available until February.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

In which I realise I have been terribly wrong.

When I first heard that Sienna Miller and her sister were going to make clothes, i was, to say the least, not expecting much. I mean Kate Moss for Topshop is basically her saying she likes stuff from her wardrobe and then having other people design it. Also the actress to designer thing doesnt carry much respect in the big old world. But I think I have judged too soon, it took long enough but this season I actually like Twenty8Twelve! I think I need to eat my hat now...
Alice Dellal hooray! Plus they make nice fierce shoes and good denim and short short dresses.Dree Hemingway in like the smallest shorts known to man, plus a itsy bitsy teeny weeny black and white bikini. What would Ernest say eh?
Oh my a jumpsuit which I actually like! I'm finding it really hard to find one that is good for my frame (erm...short), and of course this would probably drown my like nobodies business but wow the print is outta this world.
Yeah they are hipster clothes, all a bit samey but heck its what I like. Plus I think that Sienna and Savanah have alot of talent. Now there is something I thought i would never say.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Make me scream Alexander McQueen.

Dont rip off that title, Im dead proud of it.
So Alexander McQueen is kicking it fun style spring summer 2010. I love it, heres the 3 major outfits which are my faves...
This print is amazing! Its so rad and ace and I just cant get enough of it. Plus the shape of the dress looks so unusual, and holy moly that neckline.It's brown and ruffled and voooom. Kinda like a shiny chocolate cake. Cut outs make me smile and this one has got me grinning like a chesire cat.The colour rules to the max, like silver shiny goodness. HOORAY!
Although I'm not too sure about the shoes...all I can say is erm WHAT??

I love you McQueen. Please can you make your difusion line with these prints? McQ is a little more in my price range.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Song of the Week

I have just broken last fm i swear. Ty Segall CENTS.
I dont know why I like it. But I do.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I love the internet. It tells me everything I would ever need to know. Plus I just stumbled across an interview with Alexander Wang and Colin McDowell. Heres a snippet ( i could copy the whole thing but i think this one question is enough)

Colin McDowell: Were you always interested in fashion design?

Alexander Wang: When I was 18 I moved straight to New York and attended Parsons, and actually just before my first day I started an internship with Mark Jacobs and I really didn’t know how fast things would move after moving to New York. So I took the internship and learnt as much as I could. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.I did two years of the four year program at Parsons and decided I was going to take a leave of absence, so I put together a small knitwear collection and kind of loaded up a car full of samples and took them to a load of stores in L.A. I think it worked in our favor that there was never anyone telling us the right way to do things, everything was very organic. We were learning first hand how to take orders, ship deliveries as we went along.

He only did two years at Parsons. And then he jacked it in. And now he's designing some of the best clothes around. He is so Rad I could explode...

I do wish he would have a haircut though :) I cant get over how great he is, my idol to the max!



Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nars 15 x 15

Oh My God, when Nars came back to the backstage world I did a bit of a cry. I love the man, hes a legend. And now he is releasing a third book full of his lovely photography! its called 15x15 and is only out for 30 days. I really really want it (anyone feeling generous and wanna get me an early Christmas present?)Ah Mark Jacobs what a fun man! He amazes me. Plus this picture of Natasha Poly looks really serious but its one of my favourites. The colours pop so much against the dull colours of the background.
AHHH I LOVE FRANCOIS NARS FOR LIFE. maybe i will make a little shrine for him in my room. i think i will.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Bored to the max

I should really be doing some kind of homework right now, but basicaly homework isnt going to get me anywhere in life and I would rather be doing this. But I have basically nothing to talk about! So Im just going to go off on a tangent about the Lily Allen Chanel campaign.
Anyone else seen it? I knew she was mates and that with Karl Lagerfeld but jeez an international ad campaign, thats quite a way to come from her LDN days.Agghhh i'm so bored of this dull black and white advert. Boring boring boring. Nothing new, nothing amazing. Shucks yeah she looks lovely, but i am just so bored with it. OK i think I may have stressed that enough.

Now THIS is an ad campaign...

It's really fun and pretty and full of colour and it makes me smile. I think it is way better than the prim and stuffy Chanel one. Viva la Stella!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Coat tales

Yesterday was coat day, the day in which to get a coat. and a mere 6 hours later one was got.I tried on like a billion coats overall and here is the creme de la creme...Ahhh tweedy twee loveliness. unfortunatly too thin, abit itchy, no hood, not waterproof. dang.Gorgeous shape and all, with a lovely ruffled neck line. Not waterproof or thick, plus as soon as I went back onto the street I saw another woman wearing it.This is my favourite one. I wish I had bought it, but unfortunately its so unpractical its unbelievable. School ruins everything for me.Trench, felt a bit cheap and nasty so it was a no. It looks quite nice but it was poor quality.

This is the one that I bought in the end. I'm regretting it big time now. Its really practical and everything, but i dont love it as much as the fur one.

Oh well, hopefully i can return it at the weekend and it will all be ok.

heres to hoping


Friday, 9 October 2009

Song of the week

Ah shizz i forgot to do it on sunday so here it is alot late...a lovely beautiful song which reminds me of the sun and lazy days and dancing like you just came out of woodstock.

these guys rule. they are good live too, youtube it.

Pruning the Plum

Yes it is a bad pun (of sorts) but i challenge you to think of a better one. Yay it is oficially autumn, it gets pitch black at half 6, it rains alot and it is bloody freezing. This means its the perfect time for dark ol' clothes and of course dark lipstick! I got a plum one, it is so dark and it makes me look like i have been eating a lot of blackcurrents. Jason Wu, hello!

Any tips for getting it to stick? i just drunk from a bottle and it basically all came off!



Thursday, 8 October 2009

Everyone is blowing their own trumpet

Trumpets are my new favourite things. Ok so maybe that is an over exaggeration but for real trumpets are on quite a few things I like right now. Take this Acne beaut.

Oh i do love it, I think I might buy it infact. And this lovely little Tatty Devine necklace, with a long or short chain, or if you would rather it comes as a brooch!
This reminds me of the trompe l'oleil thing that was going on at the D&G A/W 2009 show.

I am going shopping for sure on saturday so i will take many pictures of whatever I find that i like.



Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The nights are drawing in...

Hello, in England it's raining buckets and buckets thus it is freezing cold to the max. I currently have this black coat (great description right) which has lasted two whole winters so it is now time to start a fresh. So browsing around has lead me to this A.P.C beauty... Cheaper than a proper Burberry one, but still £325.

The real mckoy, but for pitys sake its £1,495. Yeah I could buy it, but it would be bye bye university, bye bye future basically. For a coat? Nah mate. I tried on a rip off version in H&M but it was not to be.So I basically just need a cheap little coat, with a hood cause of the good old blighty weather. I found this cute fur padded parka from Topshop, it is currently the top of the list but I'm not too sure about the colour. £80, bargain.

Or this one from good ol' Urban Outfitters

£120, plus no hood. Damn I don't think i will ever find the ONE, to find my current one I tried on coats for 2 hours straight. Hopefully I will be going shopping on saturday, so i will update you then!

byebye mi amigos


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Team Coddington!

Ok so I'm off school with this virus which is like gross city, so when my dearest mother went to tesco she bought me The September Issue. Duh the documentry-film type thing.
It's been out for ages but I hadn't seen 'til about ten minutes ago. And may I just say, I hate Anna Wintour. She is the ice queen, it's all been said before. The way she talks to people like they are something on the bottom of her shoe grinds my gears to the max, plus her ruthless cutting of amazing pictures and spreads makes me sad. Grace Coddington on the other hand, is the messiah of all that is holy in the fashion world. She styles all her shoots herself and has a lot of repsect for everyone she meets, like telling the camera man that she doesnt want him to be retouched and that he doesnt need to go to the gym because not everyone is perfect. Anna is a bitch to him, telling him that his has to go to the gym while patting her stomach for about a billion years.
Grace also makes the best spreads for the magazine which take heck loads of planning, and in ten minutes Anna comes along and takes out loads of the most astounding pictures i have ever seen. She seems to lack any kind of respect for Grace, refusing to budge on anything that she has decided.
In rare moments we see a different side of Wintour however. She talks about her family, and how they all think her job is a joke, her dad and there are scenes between her and her daughter. Also her help to introduce Thakoon to the masses with his Gap collaboration is very sweet, and he is the most adorable guy ever!
She is still ruthless with other designers and people who she works with, which i suppose you have to be. But there is a fine line between being tough and just being rude. Grace is now my idol forever, she's kind but still fights her corner to the very end.
And my absolute favourite part of the film? When Grace makes Raquel Zimmerman eat a berry pie whilst wearing the worlds most tight corset and beautiful couture.
ciao for now

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Maccabees

Friday night was the best night ever! Because my friend Hannah and I went and saw The Maccabees in Norwich. Oh and also...we met felix and hugo!!!

Yes these are possibly the worst and most terrible pictures ever taken, but who really cares. They were amazing, i can't even explain how good it was. Every song was so good with the whole crowd singing and dancing and all that jazz.

MMM what a smashing time we had, i love them so much.

so im off now, short and sweet post but you can only say how great they are so many times!