Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fuck It...Song of the week, Ellie Golding Starry eyed Jakwob remix

Played at this immense party I went to on friday (if your reading cheers emille!) at least I think it was this! I was pretty smashed but whatever this is still a great amazeeee remix. I totes love it more than the original.

Ciao bella :)
x x x

The last day of Febuary

Hey there. I've only posted once since song of the week and it really bugs me when the songs are too close together so i will post more and then get another next week.
Anyway Sass and Bide is very nice f/w 2010

These are my favourite looks from the show. Striped trousers...hello there. Also on the fourth picture, the weird harness chest thing? Not sure if I like it or not, but it's certainly pretty damn interesting.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

I love Ribena

Hey there fellows! My blogging abilities have been extremely shocking recently. I have nothing to talk about, well I can talk about my life but that is BOOOOORRRING.
So i shall talk about something worthwhile yeah? Hows about comparing old (ish) and brand spanking new clothes, bear with me you might like it.
So i was flicking through t'internet and I found Roksanda Ilincic's show for fall 2010 and instantly thought of Sonia Rykiels show for spring 2009. I don't know what did it, I think it may have been the similiar hair styles or something. But anyway I looked into it more, so what do you think? Roksanda on the left, Rykiel on the right.
I don't know if I'm swinging and missing to be honest, but in my personal opinion I think they are very similiar and that's not a bad thing. I personally prefer Sonia Rykiel to Roksanda Ilincic because her shows and clothes have much more life and craziness, plus they are more my style. I'm so happy the fall 2010 shows are out now, I waaaay prefer them to the summer shows.Also I just have to add, Jacob took this picture of me and I love it so I am going to put it right here...

BYE x x x

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Song of the week-Harlem

Hey guys.
No comments again, im dissapointed. And dissapointment is worse than anger.
So wanna watch a video and hear a song that's by kids who take to many drugs, drink too much and trash other peoples houses? I know I do.

They're called Harlem and they have actually been around FOREVER. So enjoy!
x x x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

God bless the holidays...

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in ages so i thought i would. I have been trying to do work but instead I am watching jeremy kyle and eating jelly.

The Fall 2010 shows are basically all out now, which I find pretty weird but it's the same every year so I should pretty much be used to it by now. Anyway I've been looking through the collections and I am BORED, Proenza Schouler is too dark, Marc Jacobs is too plain and Jeremy Scott only has like two things I like.
These are my all time favourite designers and I don't think that creativity is coming through, it's all a bit commercial.
But the most commercial is usually Rodarte, but this season I think they've done something which is honestly different and creative.

I think that the flowing fabrics especially the long dresses are just amazing. I like how the whole collection was light and airy, which you don't see in f/w shows. It was obviously what was going to happen after all the black and studs which have been hanging around for far too long.This is by far my favourite look of the whole show. I love how they have mixed patterns and fabrics, plus the top totes looks like something you would dig out of a jumble sale, but they have managed to make it look good by putting really rad opaque sleeves onto it.

So there it is, kudos to Rodarte who have actually managed to create something which is actually gorgeous!

x x x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lubitel 166 Universal

It looks a lot older than it is, it is actually only 21 years old. I got film for it yesterday so its all up and ready to go! except the back came open when i thought i had shut it so the first picture and some of the second one will just be nothing cause the light got to it. It was a bit of a dunce kinda thing to happen, but im learning.
It's finally half term so i am sorting out my room and getting some art done. Not nessercarily in that order.
x x x

Friday, 12 February 2010

Post 100...lets make it a good one

Hello everyone. Still sad about McQueen, it doesn't feel like it's actually happened! But the show must go on i today it's post 100!
It's weird, I have written 100 posts about stuff in my head in about 5 months. That's surreal right? Erm so on such a big anniversary I have decided to write about the wonderfulness of Erin Wasson.
In my life there are 3 women who I would love to be, or at least meet and grin like an absolute goon to. Numero uno is Eva Green, which needs no justification because she is just the bees knees. two is blates the big V herself, Vivienne Westwood. And last but not least is Erin Wasson.
I briefly spoke about her s/s 10 collection AN AGE AGO, so I am going to talk about her RVCA collab for autumn winter 2010.
It's only February but the shows are already out there so might as well.
It was a small collection, but quality not quantity.

I totes love it. Basically the whole collection was monochromatic, and i really liked how it was more white than this gloomy black stage the entire fashion world is going through (today i wore all black and 2 people asked me who's funeral i was going to, no joke). Loving the dress lengths, waterfall cuts and the tie up shorts in the last picture. Everythings really loose and flowing, like a fresh summer breeze.Beautiful.

Ciao, I am now going to fafas for a film evening. I don't know what we are going to watch yet, but i hope its good.

x x x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A True Legend

Hey everyone, today brought the news that Alexander McQueen has taken his own life after the loss of his mother last week.
It's such a great loss, not just to the fashion world, but to everyone. He was a true visionary, the bench mark for every designer, and the flag carrier for British design talent and individuality. It's so upsetting, I send my condolences to all his family and friends.British fashion will never be the same.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Song Of The Week- Feathers

It has been far far too long since i last did song of the week, it should basically be called song of the millennium. Anyways its back, with a vengance.

I went to this mega sad thing with my papa today and i got the mother of all cameras. It was made by russians. Pictures soon, i will soon do a big post full of pictures i said i would put up. This will include long tartan dress, weird jacket and new/old camera.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Well it is February, so i think I'm going to start choosing swimwear

Hello, today I was internet browsing (as if I ever do anything else) and I kept seeing swimwear! It's February for goodness sake! But none the less I have already found some pieces which I like, very much.

Top two from Nasty Gal vintage (possibly the most annoying name ever) and bottom one from AA. You can't beat american apparel when it comes to anything tight and all-in-one. Although it was hard to find pictures without the models spreading their legs.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Boots...

Where is everyone nowadays? I know you're out there coz my profile views go up, so why no commentos?
So now with the hopeless blegging (it's a mixture of blog begging) over, on to the matter in hand. My new boots came today, and i basically died when i saw them...

They make me feel like a cockney/one of the horrors/vince noir. An all around good feeling.

That is all I had to say, so I'm off

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Insert pun about bags, studs, whatevs.

I'm getting so lazy it's not even funny. All of my time is spent doing work, watching tv or going on facebook. I'm an addict. I can bearly be bothered to lift my hands to type, but I am doing so right now so it's all fine.
Anyway...Wendy Nichol lives in NY and make bags and jewellry and stuff.
I think that the Elk Satchel is pretty rad..I like it cause it's different without being pretentious or try hard. But I don't really know if you can put those words to bags, like some people say clothes are witty and they can't be because they are made of cloth and cloth can't argue back in a humorous manner. These are huge earrings made of horsehair. I like them, except I think that if you wore them then they would get all knotty and you would have to brush them or something. But I still want a pair, the black ones oh yes. I like the combination of hair and studs and chains and leather, it's weird. Hello there, let me introduce you to the next item i will be attempting to make and ultimately failing dismally. Shouldn't be that hard, just bits of leather tied around beads and chain with some studs. It's like $500, but I can't buy it anyway cause I live in England.
I'm going to have a cup-a-soup now, I'm living off them at the moment.