Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Freya Wysocki

Hello everyone, for the first time EVER (thats right, you heard it here first) radicool is featuring an interview! and not just an interview, but an interview with one of the coolest kids on the block. Don't feel bad dear reader for not having heard of her, you will soon.
Freya Wysocki (pronounced vi-sot-ski) makes her own clothes, listens to weird french music and is seriously one of the most stylish 14 year olds I know. (I'm just comparing her to myself at that age...she puts me in the shadows man).Amy: So here we go, when did you first start making clothes?
Freya: errrr.... about when I was about 10 or 11, year 5/6ish?? I think:)
A: WOW thats pretty young, i guess youve been able to develop your sweet skills from then.Why did you start making them?
F: Because my mum used to make clothes and i saw loads of her old patterns so i bought one for a skirt and a little shruggie thing-which was HIDEOUS, and made that. Although when i made that mum did help me quite alot so i would say it was more of both of us.
A: Ahh going down the generations.A hideous shruggie thing sounds like a good starting place though! What was the best thing youve ever made and why?
F:I'd say it was my coat- which i made most recently ( about 3 days ago) or a maroon silk shirt because i made it without a pattern and I was really pleased cos it was the right size and had button holes and everything!:) Although it was quite messy cos it was without a pattern but i am still really proud of it!A: The coat is amazing. Just simply one the chicest things i've seen in a long time. I heard about it from Ella (ella is freya sister, thats how i know her) and i couldn't wait to see it! I hear you like tweed, i LOVE tweed. and also you like to dress like lady di? i think thats pretty cool.
F: YES!!! I love tweed! I recently found some hand woven tweed in a charity shop! I made it into a cape!:) ermm... I don't mean to dress like lady Di, but I still like her look! But some off her clothes are a bit matching and coordinated.
A: I agree, but lady di was a bit of fashion rebel in the royal family! Where do you get all your inspiration from?F: err i think i get most of it from Chanel! Cos it is actually amazing!
But i make up lots of my own style and i don't really follow any trends or people, But i have reasently found a new designer- Richard Weston, he's actually a geologist, but he won a comp. for libertys to design a scarf and they are actually the most BEAUTIFUL thing i have EVER seen, I have thought of a few things linked into his geology theme to make.
A: That's true style really, taking something totally out of the fashion context and interpreting into your own style and making it fit. I think you're naturally stylish, without the natural talent you wouldn't be able to do things like that!do you read style rookie? because you remind me so much of tavi (i think its your hair)
F:I have started recently and i am so jealous of her! She gets all that free stuff! And her clothes and stuff are so nice! Do i?? I loved her hair when it was grey though!:)
A: Ahh same, I would kill to get the Proenza Schouler splatter print trousers for free. It was super cool, i think you should do it! Whos your favourite fashion house and why?F:CHANEL!!!! Coorrrrr....i am actually obsessed!! haha I love all their collections and their make up is amazing to! And i also love how Coco Chanel started, in Paris (which is were i want to live) and grew from almost nothing to such a famous and brilliant designer! I also Love Weston, if he really counts??
A: Ohh I'm a sucker for Chanel make-up too. I think you're the new Coco. Of course he counts! If your designs (whether it's only scarves) are in Liberty's, then you count in my opinion! Lastly, if you had to pick a single person who is your idol, who would it be and why?
F: Coco Chanel (again :/) Because of what i said before about her life and all her amazing clothes and I LOVE the 1920's - 1960's! i'd have to say the 1920's would have been my favourite era, which she was alive and young in, all her original collections really stun me and they probably are how, if i had enough money, i would buy and live in them and they would be my life!:)A: You can tell you love the 20's from your creations, it's great how you've shown the influences without having them completely dominate the style. Ahh I love how you love Chanel so much, it's so elegant!
So thats Freya everyone, one of lifes rare people with a true eye for style much beyond her years! This won't be the last you've heard of her, mark my words.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

quilt skirt

It's totally like a skirt but a duvet. It's a skuvet if you will. Thats oxfam for you.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

MEGA song of the week.

Cause I havent done it in so so long, I'm gonna give you 3 whole songs. I know, generosity at it's height.
1. The Fresh & Onlys-Waterfall

Put on a turtle neck and a beret and groove on down hipcats.
2. Hunx and his Punx- U Dont Like Rock N Roll

I heard the song before I saw the I'm slightly confused by it.
3.Deep Shit-Hector

Seriously dude this is deep seriously! (im pathetic, whatever this is the internet)

Long time no see

Hello everyone, I have no excuses for lack of blogging. I'm just lazy and bored. I was gonna do a vlog but then all the technology had a fit so it's all broken and wants me to open videos on spotify (stupid right). Anyway as it is nearly november, here are some lovely things that I am planning all my outfits around and attempting to get inspiration from for the next month...

  1. Abbey Lee
  2. White Docs (ive never seen them before, crazy stuff)
  3. 90's Sevigny
  5. Ipso Facto (r.i.p)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

runny nose

Hello there, this is going to be quick because my nose is running and superbad is on channel 5 (oh the irony). If any of you read platform this is old news, but i thought it was cool and i like to spread the word and generally have a bunch of recycled ideas which have not come from my own mind in any way.
So the art collective 'This is it' are putting on a show pretty soon (read about it here), and after reading about it and getting very sad that i will never go that show, i read their blog.
And on their blog I found Sarai Vardi (god that took a long time to get to) and she is very very neat.

Her official site is here, and i suggest you go and check her out because she is cool.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm a Kane girl

Hello everyone! Errr yeah so a bit has been happening, school mostly is hectic blah blah blah sameoldstory.
I know a while ago I said I would make my blog a bit less fashion-y, but frankly I was lying. I just saw this and I had to. It was like a message came from above in the form of this collection.
Of course its Kane! I believe he is the emperor of all things ugly. Look at the colour of the first dress. My gran has carpets that colour. And also the weird lace trimming is so incredibly vile that I feel very attracted to it. The use of print is something I wasn't too keen on, combined with the piping surrounding various areas. Like some of the dresses have the piping around the bust and straps, nah mate, as they say in ghost world, its gone past the line of bad into good and then gone a little bit further back into bad again. Sad but true. See the whole collection here.
Also before I go I just have to add that I am now friends with Hannah Hanra on facebook. I'm never going to talk to her, but it's the thought that counts.
Bye x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Act Da Fool

Here is the Harmony Korine directed film for Proenza Schouler. To be honest, I'm not digging the clothes or the film. I mean the collection in itself is dissapointing, the paint splat trousers look tacky to me and the jackets just aren't doing it for me. Of course it has the obligitary hushed voice whispery narration of a Harmony Korine film, nothing new is it really. However I do like it that the girls are normal people and not models, and the place its set is super crummy. I dunno it's kind of intruging. Well i suggest you watch it just to make up your own mind, it's not very long so you might as well.


Saturday, 2 October 2010

This Charming Man

Hello there everyone, another day another post. Menswear seems to be taking a new direction away from shitty suits (although there is still obviously many out there) and breaking into new ground. And by new ground I mean they take colours and materials from womens wear and totally man them up. Well not that much, but recently I've found myself more attracted to menswear than womens wear, i think it might be a sign. I'm not sure what of, but oh well.
Anyway here are some lovely things...
3.1 Phillip Lim. Alright so obviously you've got the leather auburn jacket and shorts, which are reminding me very much of celine (anyone else agree here?). The necklace on the first picture too, something that i've noticed appearing in a few of the shows. And shorts that are shorter than what is socially acceptable. Also note the paisley beige sweater in the middle which should be a disaster but is just so nice. Richard Chai. First off I have to begin with the socks and sandals. Totally doing it for me I am afraid to admit. I think it's about time that a bit of the old man in everyone came out and said hello. Necklaces again. Also, the pattern clashing works very well, expecially in the second look with the peach and grey shorts with the striped blue shirt. AND finally my favourite bit the khaki mesh insert top. I would wear that. For true.
Rag&Bone. I love them anyway because their womenswear is spot on, but the menswear just adds to the love if I'm honest. The mish mash of weird shapes and colours, it's just so unstylish it's stylish. The last outfit is probably my favourite, i never thought red and camel would go so well together. And the long camel shirt, takes a bit of getting used to because it looks like some sort of religious clothing, but that's cool.
Also I has noticed from many of the shows a strong military/workwear vibe, but contrasted with necklaces and delicate shoes rather than big chunky boots. For some reason I feel very refreshed by s/s 11 menswear, it seems to be expanding the colour palate and shapes, working with new materials and ideas. I don't think my writing has been this happy in months, I just finally found something to be happy about.
Alright then I best be off, a toasted crumpet awaits.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The world looks red

Acne s/s 2011

I have no words today.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I've got work in for tomorrow but i'm going to blog instead

Hello everyone, I have had no time to do much really. Apart from the weekly drunkeness that has become basically the only thing I live for. It's sad but oh so true.
Anyway, in an attempt to draw me out of my little hole I have been fantasizing about a trip (that may not happen but hopefully will) to Paris. So I was super lame and looked up loads of lovely pictures and nice hotels and stuff, resulting in my top 3 things I love about Paris (even though I have not been there...yet.)
1. Parisen MacaroonsAnd pastries in general. I'm a sucker for pastries, I would eat a hundred croissants a day if I could. Macaroons (or macarons, depending on preference) are the most sweet adorable things I have ever seen. The only place I have ever known to sell them in England is Claridges, so if anyone knows anywhere else please tell me.

2. VespasOr more accurately, those who drive them. They ooze chic-ness, all from a little machine with a hair drier engine and 60 watt buld for a headlight. The colours of vespas remind me of early technicolour, think of Audrey Hepburn in Paris when it sizzles, all faded round the edges and lomo-esque.

3. ChanelDo I need to say more?

I think I'm just a bit too much of a dreamer.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I feel like a tree

Oh hi there! This past week has been pretty good to be frank. Party on friday and then I saw dinner for schmucks on saturday. It was hilarious. So yeah everything is jolly good!
Errr I thought I would just blog about these super awesome t-shirt designs that are designed by this girl because they are super cool and everything...

I had to get pictures of the stickers you can buy (i love stickers) cause the designs weren't clear on any of the t-shirts or thumbnails. BUY THEM HERE My favourite is friends, just so you all know. Bye x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Song of the week: Grass Widow-Fried Egg

Thats all for now, smell you later.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thumbs up.

Hello. I posted yesterday, but frankly it was shit so i deleted it. So today I thought i would post again, about Pop. I am so in love with this magazine, its better than Lula for me because it's quite dark and more styled, and it has better layouts and more interesting pages than Love, Purple etc. AND it came with a sticker sheet this time. Actual stickers.Anyway, of course I have to post pictures of my favourite spread. Thats what I always do. So favourite this time, after much deliberation, is Rome, Savage with Eniko Mihalik and Tetyana Melnychuk...I LOVE POLONECKS. I bought one the other day and the first comment I received was 'Amy has come dressed at a vicar'. I took it as a compliment. Styling is always good, goes without saying to be honest. This spread is very luxurious, lots of fur, lace and elaborate jewels. It's pretty sweet, the whole magazine is. So go out and buy it. I should so work in advertising.

p.s RADICOOL WAS 1 YEAR OLD ON THE 5TH!can you believe it? I've managed to write about a load of rubbish for a year.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Hi there. I started 6th form 2 days ago, freaks the fuck outta me to be honest. Hopefully it'll get better and i will be a little less akward and hating everything i chose (hello i took drama therefore i must be 'bubbly' and 'hyper'...errr i hate you). Anyway I bought these wedges and i love them.This picture doesnt do them justice. They are possibly the best shoes i have ever owned. But if only they were...

I've been in love with Acne wedges for way too long. It feels like a lifetime. So some cheap rip-offs will have to fill the void until eventually i have the money or when they go out of fashion. In about two weeks.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Eleonore gee i think you're swell...

Street style blogs. I visit far too many. And nearly all the time my favourites are the swedish/danish minimalist ones, which is nothing new, everyone knows they are way cool (possibly more than londoners and the french?) but when I was on Copenhagen Street Style I saw this picture of Eleonore... I think she is like the cutest ever. I read her blog and it just is so nice. She has such good style, and it is proper style, not just fashion following...

And on the note of those beautiful miu miu socks, i bid you farewell.

Song of the week...Tennis-South Carolina

Hello again everyone! The past week has been a bit shit to be frank, but life goes on. I figured that I haven't done song of the week for far too long so here it is...
I just thought I'd chuck that in there, I'm not sure if I like it but the video is pretty neat. So umm yeah I think i'll do a proper post after this in like 2 minutes cause I have something to write about FINALLY.

Monday, 16 August 2010

i've got about 10 windows open...

desperately trawling the internet for inspiration etc. well i'm drawing blanks here, so i'm going to have a little bit of time away again so that i find something worth writing about. it won't be long, but you know the deal.

Friday, 13 August 2010

london is too cool for me

today i went shopping for clothes for 6th form (!) and shit so here are the many outfits i have purchased! they all have names that i think fit them fairly well.the 'im a blogger and i like black and i like to be comfy (also i am a little bit pretentious)' outfitthe 'i am leading the 90s comeback by watching too much daria on youtube' outfitthe 'i can't think of a name for this outfit but i wanted to include it because i like the colours' outfit

thankyou and goodnight

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Hey everyone, the other day i went to the library and got a few books, based on their covers. i know you shouldn't do that but i was in a rush etc. anyway one of them was Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Honestly one of the most famous books ever written, i didnt even notice what it was when i picked it up. anyway ive been reading it pretty much non-stop. its pretty cool i must say, some of the stories in it are like a page long. I haven't got to the actual Metamorphosis story yet, i'll update you when i do. here are some pictures about how i feel today, this was kinda pointless but im a bit bored so yeah...