Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That was the year that was

Hey guys. Considering that the year (and decade!) has basically come to an end, I have decided to do a lovely fashion review of the year...looking at all the pictures was almost nostalgic.

Ok so i'm gonna start off with s/s 09, the season without trends apparently, and who could forget this...
The lovely Dolce & Gabbana silk pajama suit things. I remember seeing these in some tacky magazine and they were slating them like nobodies business. Honestly with underwear as outerwear coming up for next season, these could be worn and not be too out of style.
Gareth Pugh. The collection was talked about so much and included in basically every editoral ever. Frankly I never really liked it, the whole thing was so monochromatic and it reminded me of penguins. Also the ruffs weren't my bag, but you've got to appreciate the balls of good ol' Gareth for doing them.SONIA RYKIEL!!!Loved the entire show, i watched it on repeat about 5 times! The clothes are so timeless and beautiful and her shows always have happy, smiley, dancey models...which makes a hell of a change from the usual pouty angry models.

Now to a/w 09, It was honestly Balmain's season...Argh, i'm so sick of it. This produced copy upon copy on the high street, and left everyone looking pretty freaking generic. Also every celeb worth mentioning was seen with it on their backs, not really leaving any precious magazine space for any other designers. Balmain pissed me off. End of.You can't talk about 2009 without mentioning Rodarte. They have done so much this year, latest being their collab with target (unavailable in the UK, grr i want the caged dress so bad!). I do like Rodarte, they have a distinct brand look which I think is very good. Their loose knit pieces sparked loads of high street copies once again, but this time it was a good thing.Marc Jacobs brought back the eighties. I know everyone did, but he did it so much better. The man is a flipping genius he deserves a nobel prize or something. With his show having each model with different make up and hair, it was probably the best that we could get. I want to make a t-shirt with his face on in homage to this collection.
Wow I am exhausted after all that! It's taken me a surprisingly long time to write, I think I was getting all wet eyed and nostalgic over the past year.
Any other highlights anyone?

Love love love

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Todays post has up to 50% off...

Tomorrow I'm going sales shopping. I hope it's not too crazy.
And I love making lists, so i am going to make one of my top 3 internet sale items, all from net a porter.
I have wanted this T-Shirt for so long it's unbelievable, also it's my birthday soon (hint hint). Down from £79 to £39.50, Luella.Mmmm yes please. Lanvin, down from £625 to £437.50. It's still alot of money but I feel that it's justified. Look at them!

Down from £350 to £185, Mawi. It's velvet, it's blaady massive and it has alot of shiny gold and crystal stuff. What more do you need?

So there is my top 3, they are all pretty much multi-seasonal so even though theyre sale items they are still a worthy investment! honest!


Saturday, 26 December 2009

New Year = New Look

Hey everyone. good christmas? i got loadsa books on fashion and a couple by Sigmund Freud, they are pretty heavy going.I got money too, so i'm guessing that I will be going to the sales. I hate sales though, they are like where clothes go to die.
Anyway it's nearly 2010, and considering its a new decade a new look is in order. Because of the fact i have to wear a stupid uniform its going to have to be a new make up look.
OK so choice number 1 is no make up make up. It would make my mornings alot easier but after having smokey eyes for little over a year suddenly going to nothing is pretty damn different.
Number 2, statement lips. Alright I like this, it's very simple but makes an impact. Not necessarily appropriate for every day but going out and weekends would be good. And last but not least, the ultimate mega make up look. Full on eyes with neutral lips. This is probably the one that I would most likely go for. Maybe make the colours a little darker, like olive greens and plums but this is basically what i have now.
So after all that, I'm keeping it the same maybe with more colour and on the odd day maybe ill be going for the good old lipstick.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Y'ALL!!!

snow from a few days ago, it has pretty much all gone now alas. Have a good day tomorrow guys.
lots of christmas love and joy

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Isn't he just the dreamiest?

ASH...his hair looks sexy pushed back (god love mean girls)
Hedi Slimane found him, like he found Jethro Cave. Well I have to say Jethro Cave is no longer my number one male model, sorry.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Hey everyone, where the wild things are was really good. I recommend it to anyone.Plus I really want max's wolf costume, I would wear it alllll the time.
Anyway...I adore Thakoon, ever since I saw him in the September Issue. He's so sweet and smiley, plus his clothes are loverly! He used alot of colour and pattern in his s/s 2010 collection, like the dress below which uses a brave mixture of the two. It shouldn't work but it really really does.
Anyway he has done he first jewellery collection with Tasaki (no me neither) and it is pearl-tastic.
I love the necklace, it's symmetrical but not if you get what im saying. Pearls arent my favourite thing by any means but the ring with 5 in that would go across like 3 of your fingers is on my wish list.

This necklace is so gorgeous, it looks really delicate. Plus i like the silver and gold and black all together, its a weird combination. Ahhh I really love everything he does, he is a genius.

Bye everyone, I hope y'all have a good day


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Song of the week

Hey everyone. It is currently -4 degrees! i cant believe it!

So catchy right?! Washed out did a remix which people are saying is better than the original but i dont think so. Its still pretty freaking sickkk though...

I am currently downloading this song and loads others from Small Black. All the stuff I like right now is like this...and i think that that is a good thing.
ill be posting tomorrow probably, seeing where the wild things are so ill be full of inspiration and gushingness.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


School was cancelled. God bless the snow man.I can't jeffing believe it, right now it is -0.5c

I will do a proper post asap, lack of inspiration and feeling a bit shit means i have like nothing to write about.



Thursday, 17 December 2009


As I write these very words, snow is a'falling on merry old suffolk. It's so pretty, I loooooovve it. Although it is bloody freezing man.
It feels so like Christmas now, I am eating a mince pie and the tree is up. ahhhh.
So today I had like nothing to write about so I had to hunt about a bit. I found this artist called Conrad Ruiz. I like him, because his name has rad in it and he does pictures like this...
Wowee. His work is watercolour! I can't even believe that, watercolours are usually so washed out and like merged together. Ok maybe its just because I can't use them properly but you get my jist right?

I like this, I wish I had one thats like the size of my wall and I could just look at it all day long. Then I could always find new things in the drawing, it's amazing.

So yeah thats it for today, bye bye


Friday, 11 December 2009

Ankur Gupter

hey guys. This is going to be the last post in a while probably, the good old lappytop needs to go in for some maintenance but i will try to get something written before christmas.

Ok so since the last post all my mocks are finished, i went to a nice party(by nice i mean a PISS UP), had Jacob over and practically lived of blackjacks. So now thats out the way I can talk about somthing people who dont know me may care about. Ankur Gupter is an Indian designer (like you couldnt tell from the name) and he makes niiiice clothes.

Let me introduce you to THE dress. I know I actually say this about everything ever, but look at those prints, the colours and FRINGED SHOULDERS!! Now there is something that you dont often see all in one piece. I think the skirt part has birds on. Enough said.I like his designs because they actually are different. So many people sell themselves as being individual and weird and stuff, but these clothes actually use loud prints and colours which you dont often see on those in the inner circle of the fashion world.

If I dont post before christmas then i wish you all happy holidays and long live your king.

bye guys


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Isn't the world moving a bit too fast?

Hey everyone, i'm still tired surprisingly and scraping by on like 5 hours sleep a night. Not because i'm doing anything i just cant sleep.
Anyway before i talk about that for a gagillion years, I would like to bring something to your attention. Today I went on style.com as per usual and I noticed that the pre-fall 2010 collections have already started to trickle their way out!!! What the heck is going on?
Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2010(???)
I love Alexander Wang. I think I may have a bit of a style crush on him, even though he is a man. Would you look at the shape of the first dress! And the shades are totally gorgeous. THE COAT, it actually made me gasp, which led to my mother asking what was going on. Cute shoes throughout. Also capes are definitely the way of the future. Everyone on earth should have one so they can fly to the moon.
Also mid calf length dresses are what i want for the coming winter. Its like the ultimate rebellion to the current stuff going around. Like you want to show ridiculous amounts of flesh, im going to show nothing apart from a mere slip of ankle. I probably wouldn't go for all black though. This is a bit more my husband has just passed away than style revolutionary.
So although I am outraged at the fact that everything has moved on so quick, i do love Alexander Wang. A happy balance.

Monday, 7 December 2009

A little Dazed and Confused

Hi everyone. It's going to have to be a quick one tonight, i have mock exams all week and need to cram my head off.
So sunday I went into town, and got Dazed and Confused. I told you I would report back on Abbey Lee, cause shes like on the cover and stuff. Anyway the pictures are so cute!When I first saw this one, I thought she looked like a little toddler in a strop. Plus, the feathery thing shes wearing is absolutely amazing, I love it soooo much.You can so tell from these pictures that its been inspired by Where the Wild things are. I actually NEED to see that film the second it comes out, it looks amazing. When I was little I remember reading it and being scared so I never really finished it. Also I dont see how they could make a whole film out of such a short book, but im sure that it will be the best film of the entire year. Even though there is only a few weeks left, details details.



Sunday, 6 December 2009

Song day

Once again it is sunday. and once again here is a song which i think you should all listen to.

I actually am in love with this song. It's got a pretty ace video too.

Also why doesn't last fm have a pause button? Its pretty irratating.
Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas List, in a collage format

My christmas list
This is my ideal Christmas stocking filler.
OK so there is...
Clockwise from left
Jonathan Saunders T-shirt, Alexander Wang bag, Acne T-Shirt, Tatty Devine Necklace, Marc Jacobs dress, Topshop dress, Uniqlo dress.
You have no idea how long this actually took me. Polyvore is such a weird thing, i cant decide whether I like it or not. Most of the stuff on there is utter balls, but some of its ok i guess.
So is everyone having a good weekend so far?
I am, I went to see granny and got a globe lampshade and a little enamel bracelet. Maybe pictures soon, depends whats going on in my life to be honest.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Giles Deacon, what a sparkler

Hello everyone! I know that people read this now cause i have 8 followers! I basically cried when I saw. Hmm thats a bit lame, ho hum. Thanks for following and reading it makes me smile.
Giles Deacon Jewellery is available in February 2010, it launched the other day and quite honestly I am in love (actually its probably more lust) with the spider ringIt looks like a real spider! The odd cut of the stone and the legs with sections like proper spider legs. Im gushing i admit but mmm that is one nice ring.
Its like a multi media necklace. It kind of looks like it would be uncomfortable but i still want it. And the only other picture i have managed to find is of a different ring, but i dont like it very much...Yeah not my cup of tea honestly, flat rings fail to enthuse me. But i do like the other pieces ive seen. I think i might save up. Prices from £250-£2500.

Bye m'darls


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ohne Titel

alright there? Ok I got back from my boyfriends house (see jacob i told you i would put it) a while ago and instead of ruining my eveing by revising im writing this. Sooo after a german lesson today, with a helper who can't speak english at all well, i thought i would dedicate this to the Ohne Titel collection s/s 1o.

I really like the colour at the beginning, the patterns are really quite interesting.
Skirt on the bottom picture. Love it. The dress in the middle and top at the bottom really intruge me, i dont know whether they are embellished or its a weird material or something. Also look at the top shoes! I love ankle socks and strappy shoes, they're like socks and sandles for people with taste.

Abbey Lee, my current favourite, in a dress which i really do like. I find myself being drawn to contouring with ruffles or thread or whatever right now (hello Alexander Wang a/w 09 blissfully ripped to pieces by topshop. ouch) Also ever since people started liking flats instead of heels again I feel a little less of a dork, having to wear flats all day every day.

And another thing which I love and may try to make, the all in one...mmm drapey drape drape.

Honest to god the current state of my wardrobe is in dire need of this. It looks kind of unflattering on the model, but i bet its the most comfy thing ever made. Plus i really love how the trouser part is hareem-esc but actually is pretty different to most other clothes in that genre. Ok that didnt really make sense, but you know what i mean?
Guten Tag

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Merry December!

Hello everyone, it's that time of year again! The warm, fuzzy, cozy month that is December. Resulting in Christmas, and then the dead days and then a whole new year. That's kind of amazing right?
Anyway, i was undertaking my daily ritual of going on net-a-porter to look at expensive clothes and on the home page it showed these.
RM by Roland Mouret...exclusive. How good is that!? Plus i love the colours, bright bright bright. Usually it really isn't my cup of tea, but i'm so bored of everyone being monochromatic (including myself). My favourite is the Serefino dress. It's navy and made from stretch silk gazar(it's a new fabric apparently)
Also I really like the Orion dress, it seems pretty different from most of the other stuff about. Plus it looks like it has been just cut and sewed in different places, which gives it an amazing silhouette.

And last but not least...
The Isa dress. It's beautiful, and I will be dreaming about it tonight. Unfortunatley it costs £1,700.
Mmmm, so if anyone has a spare grand and a bit, then maybe a little gift could be coming my way yeah? I thought not.