Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm angry about a sign today.

Hey guys! My last few posts havent been all that great to be frank, so hopefully now your hopes are nice and low for future posts. Nothing like a bit of positivity. Here's a sign put up backstage at Kate Sylvester's show.Can you read it? sorry its so small, it says 'and so live forever- or else swoon to death, J.Keats' right at the top. Nice and prententious, nothing like a great novel quote to make you look clever and totally individual (my mother said sarcasm would be the death of me). Then underneath it says 'You are tomboys + poets''You inspire love + great art''You are cool, effortless + nonchalant' Ok this is a bit annoying, but I suppose that it inspires the feel of the collection and gets everyone in the mood. So i will give her that one. But then at the bottom, the thing that most annoys me is 'You do NOT smile'. It's underlined. It's an order. Good manners cost nothing you know, why don't you by nice to the girls who are walking your show? I suppose that she wants to make sure everything goes well, but underlined and bold and everything? Chill out.

So there are my thoughts of the day. Goodbye.


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