Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Most of these people probably have kids and work in offices and live in lovely middle class houses by now. But at least while they were kids they were doing something worthwhile. So kids of the generation, stop trying to look cool, the country is in turmoil! At least good old Gordy is gone now, but greasy twat cameron is going in now (ohh get me oh so political).Our generation will never have its own punk movement, dude its been done, but we have to have something right? Everything nowadays is just recycled from the olden days. It pisses me off.


p.s i am writing this as gordon brown resigns. for ten minutes we will have no prime minister. so effectively we have no leader. so effectivley we can break loads of laws right? im not sure how it works, but im pretty sure thats right.


  1. punk like this is super lame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AweQjFX0Yr8

  2. This post is fucking awesome. It's been really interesting following the British election from an overseas perspective.