Sunday, 6 June 2010

Guess who?

Hey...i know i said i would be off for a bit, but frankly i am just so ridiculously BORED. So yeah hey.
It's been the holidays, heres what i have done:
Seen Sex and the City 2 (not as good as the first one, hmm)
Revisied (URGH)
Attempted to get a tan. Failed.
Been to various barbeques, with various people
Seen all of my lovely friends (not enough i dont think)
Seen Jacob (quite a bit)
Went shopping a little bit
Dyed my eyebrows (now they are really dark, i like it)
Repotted some of my plants
Drunk my own body weight in diet coke
So there is my life story, you are very welcome.
The top one is my prom dress. I do not want to go to prom, but if im going to go, it has to be in an original 70's maxi. And the bottom one is new chinos and tweed. Bad picture cause i just woke up and haven't washed my hair in 6 years.

Alright, see you around. x x x

p.s 15 followers now! thanks guys :)

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