Thursday, 24 June 2010


Hello everyone! God i haven't blogged properly in ages, it's nice to write something for a change rather than just copy other peoples stuff on tumblr (whats up with that? it encourages copying!)
Anyway, I've been searching high and low for cool new stuff, and I just can't find anything. Hence the title.
So I searched to try and find something amazing and new and something that would totally blow you away...unfortunately all I found was all this different menswear which i unashamedly fell in love with. First is Liberty...These SWEET brogues are H? Katsukawa from Tokyo

I love the star print ones and the black ones which look kinda messy. And these are from London belongs to Paris...

I know they are like stereotypical indie hipster boy uniforms, but thats pretty hot. So on that note, I will bid you adieu.

Dress like a boy, its alot more fun than dressing like a boring old girl (:

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