Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Hey everyone, once again i haven't posted in a very very long time. But i got back from Latitude yesterday and it was just so so amazing so i have to write about it. I will have some pictures soon hopefully, but i have to get them developed and they might be shit so yeah.
Anyway, it was so amazing! Everyone says it, because everyone had a great time. There was quite alot of palava because of our tent and the fact the wind was basically a hurricane, but it was sorted pretty much, after it ripped and the poles bent. We camped right underneath the sign for yellow campsite C, with a brazillian flag flying proudly!I didn't see too many bands really, but I liked everyone I saw. Florence and the Machine was a bit rubbish, we couldn't see a thing and were so cramped.Crystal Castles were one of my favourites, theres been so much complaining and moaning all over the internet about how crap they were but so what if she punched some people and no one could really understand what she was saying?The youth fucking loved it.I got hurt quite a lot, which in this case was a good thing.

Also yuck were really really good, and wild beasts, and egyptian hip hop...

So now I have plenty more inspiration, met some super cool people and had a throughly rad time. Good day to you all x x x

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