Sunday, 1 August 2010

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Hello everybody.Or nobody nowadays. I dunno, I'm getting bored of not getting feedback or anything. There was a time when it was like every post got at least 1 comment. And now it's just nothing. Which is shit.
Anyway today On Her Majesty's secret service was on ITV, which is like the worst Bond film because it has George Lazenby in it and he is the rubbishest one. But still, I like the costumes.
Look at the ruffles on that shirt. BEAUTIFUL. In the film though there's an African lady and she has the coolest attire ever, but the stupid internet doesn't have any pictures. It's like a traditional african dress and headscarf, and she's really pretty and it looks so nice. But alas no picture so my shit explaination will have to do.
I need to get out more. I honestly feel like I'm stagnating right now. How lovely.


  1. Please tell me you've watched The Avengers! You'd love it!

  2. i actually haven't! it will go on my list i promise.

  3. Not the movie but the old series!