Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thumbs up.

Hello. I posted yesterday, but frankly it was shit so i deleted it. So today I thought i would post again, about Pop. I am so in love with this magazine, its better than Lula for me because it's quite dark and more styled, and it has better layouts and more interesting pages than Love, Purple etc. AND it came with a sticker sheet this time. Actual stickers.Anyway, of course I have to post pictures of my favourite spread. Thats what I always do. So favourite this time, after much deliberation, is Rome, Savage with Eniko Mihalik and Tetyana Melnychuk...I LOVE POLONECKS. I bought one the other day and the first comment I received was 'Amy has come dressed at a vicar'. I took it as a compliment. Styling is always good, goes without saying to be honest. This spread is very luxurious, lots of fur, lace and elaborate jewels. It's pretty sweet, the whole magazine is. So go out and buy it. I should so work in advertising.

p.s RADICOOL WAS 1 YEAR OLD ON THE 5TH!can you believe it? I've managed to write about a load of rubbish for a year.

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