Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I'm a Kane girl

Hello everyone! Errr yeah so a bit has been happening, school mostly is hectic blah blah blah sameoldstory.
I know a while ago I said I would make my blog a bit less fashion-y, but frankly I was lying. I just saw this and I had to. It was like a message came from above in the form of this collection.
Of course its Kane! I believe he is the emperor of all things ugly. Look at the colour of the first dress. My gran has carpets that colour. And also the weird lace trimming is so incredibly vile that I feel very attracted to it. The use of print is something I wasn't too keen on, combined with the piping surrounding various areas. Like some of the dresses have the piping around the bust and straps, nah mate, as they say in ghost world, its gone past the line of bad into good and then gone a little bit further back into bad again. Sad but true. See the whole collection here.
Also before I go I just have to add that I am now friends with Hannah Hanra on facebook. I'm never going to talk to her, but it's the thought that counts.
Bye x


  1. god i love you. kane is the GREATEST!

  2. ahh thankyou so much! hes so awesome :) x