Saturday, 2 October 2010

This Charming Man

Hello there everyone, another day another post. Menswear seems to be taking a new direction away from shitty suits (although there is still obviously many out there) and breaking into new ground. And by new ground I mean they take colours and materials from womens wear and totally man them up. Well not that much, but recently I've found myself more attracted to menswear than womens wear, i think it might be a sign. I'm not sure what of, but oh well.
Anyway here are some lovely things...
3.1 Phillip Lim. Alright so obviously you've got the leather auburn jacket and shorts, which are reminding me very much of celine (anyone else agree here?). The necklace on the first picture too, something that i've noticed appearing in a few of the shows. And shorts that are shorter than what is socially acceptable. Also note the paisley beige sweater in the middle which should be a disaster but is just so nice. Richard Chai. First off I have to begin with the socks and sandals. Totally doing it for me I am afraid to admit. I think it's about time that a bit of the old man in everyone came out and said hello. Necklaces again. Also, the pattern clashing works very well, expecially in the second look with the peach and grey shorts with the striped blue shirt. AND finally my favourite bit the khaki mesh insert top. I would wear that. For true.
Rag&Bone. I love them anyway because their womenswear is spot on, but the menswear just adds to the love if I'm honest. The mish mash of weird shapes and colours, it's just so unstylish it's stylish. The last outfit is probably my favourite, i never thought red and camel would go so well together. And the long camel shirt, takes a bit of getting used to because it looks like some sort of religious clothing, but that's cool.
Also I has noticed from many of the shows a strong military/workwear vibe, but contrasted with necklaces and delicate shoes rather than big chunky boots. For some reason I feel very refreshed by s/s 11 menswear, it seems to be expanding the colour palate and shapes, working with new materials and ideas. I don't think my writing has been this happy in months, I just finally found something to be happy about.
Alright then I best be off, a toasted crumpet awaits.

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