Friday, 12 March 2010

Another fashion related post, now with extra declerations of love

Hello everyone. I know the posts have been extremely fashion related recently, but now all the fashion shows are over it will become much less i promise. The shows have been good this season non? Especially Hussein Chalayan.FUCKING SPACE YEAH! The sleeves make this dress, ok so there is wicked cool space explosion powder stuff and then you see the sleeves and it's kinda hard to guess whats going on there. They remind me of spaceships, which i guess is the angle that hes taking. I love how it's not on the shoulders either, cause that ship has sailed, its all about arms now.Beautiful. I love how he has re-created stars and nebulas and stuff in absolute sparkle genius, plus the sleeve is coming in again in the last dress, and those GLASSES! They say mirage, which i had to zoom in mega loads to see. I think I might go to a joke shop tomorrow to try and find some other word ones, they are just so cool. Hussein Chalayan is up there for me now, although some of the other pieces in the collection remind me heavily of chloe, but thats just because they use similiar colours i suppose.Bloody love the shoes though, shiney and brown and simple. Laaaaavely! I'm going to hunt for some similiar ones tomorrow, doubt ill find any though.

I love the whole collection, it incorporates so many looks and styles in one show. He is a true british institution, long live Chalayan!!

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