Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Marc Jacobs...why oh why?

Alrighty. I should be doing german oral (hehe) revision right now but whatevs. It's only tomorrow or whatever.
Anyway Marc Jacobs F/W...what the flip is going on.
WHAT?!! When I was flicking through the show pictures I was just astonished. I'm a huge fan if things that are so ugly they're nice, but this is taking the biscuit. The coat in the second picture looks like a matted, jumble sale, suede, OAP jacket. and not in a good way. The coat in the first picture could be ok, but there are weird shiny bits on it and the shaggy fur is just gross. Actually looking closer I'm not sure if it's a coat or a suit because the fur changes colour on the skirt bit, but whatever it is, I hate it. Jumper in the last picture is quite nice, but why pair it with that skirt? It just seems to have ruined what could have been a good outfit.

All hope is not lost! I adore these two looks, and there's a couple of the other long flowy dresses that I like, but these are my favourites. I love how they have paired the thin grey socks with the flowing nude fabrics, they are two of my favourite colours together and this just hits the nail on the head.I find it so fascinating that in the same collection you can have clothes which are polar opposites and have something so beautiful alongside something which looks like it's from a car boot sale!


  1. i love NUDE! and also, grey socks.

  2. YAY GREY SOCKS! the marc by marc jacobs show is far far better, thus that is what i am channeling for jennys fafa!

  3. you have a funny style of writing :D

  4. erm...thanks?
    i just write what comes out of my head so it's kinda unrefined i suppose.

  5. I think its fair to say Marc Jacobs wasnt very Marc Jacobs. Not his best! x