Tuesday, 9 March 2010


My first EVER post was about Christopher Kane working with Versace to create the Versus line, in which I wasn't particularly nice about what he was saying or how he acted around Donatella Versace. But now that Versus is actually out I think I may have to take back some of my criticism (only some, not all ok?)It is totally what Kane was talking about all those months ago, still the Versace look, but for the youth yeah? I love the shoes most of all, plus the dresses are all a cute length and the flare of the skirt looks really flattering. Also the caging on some of the dresses is restrictive but as it's in silk it still looks gentle and soft. Ohh juxtaposition there!
I really like the collection, there's an obvious connection between each of the pieces which I love and the colours are really luxurious and attract the eye in a way which is quite subtle rather than too crazy.
I'm tired so I'm going to go now, byebye
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