Friday, 12 February 2010

Post 100...lets make it a good one

Hello everyone. Still sad about McQueen, it doesn't feel like it's actually happened! But the show must go on i today it's post 100!
It's weird, I have written 100 posts about stuff in my head in about 5 months. That's surreal right? Erm so on such a big anniversary I have decided to write about the wonderfulness of Erin Wasson.
In my life there are 3 women who I would love to be, or at least meet and grin like an absolute goon to. Numero uno is Eva Green, which needs no justification because she is just the bees knees. two is blates the big V herself, Vivienne Westwood. And last but not least is Erin Wasson.
I briefly spoke about her s/s 10 collection AN AGE AGO, so I am going to talk about her RVCA collab for autumn winter 2010.
It's only February but the shows are already out there so might as well.
It was a small collection, but quality not quantity.

I totes love it. Basically the whole collection was monochromatic, and i really liked how it was more white than this gloomy black stage the entire fashion world is going through (today i wore all black and 2 people asked me who's funeral i was going to, no joke). Loving the dress lengths, waterfall cuts and the tie up shorts in the last picture. Everythings really loose and flowing, like a fresh summer breeze.Beautiful.

Ciao, I am now going to fafas for a film evening. I don't know what we are going to watch yet, but i hope its good.

x x x

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