Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lubitel 166 Universal

It looks a lot older than it is, it is actually only 21 years old. I got film for it yesterday so its all up and ready to go! except the back came open when i thought i had shut it so the first picture and some of the second one will just be nothing cause the light got to it. It was a bit of a dunce kinda thing to happen, but im learning.
It's finally half term so i am sorting out my room and getting some art done. Not nessercarily in that order.
x x x

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  1. that camera looks amazing. you should definitely post some photos once you get them developed - would love to see how they turn out :)

    ps. I have no idea who those glasses are by actually! I might go and suss it out. Linda Farrow might just be right..