Thursday, 18 February 2010

God bless the holidays...

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in ages so i thought i would. I have been trying to do work but instead I am watching jeremy kyle and eating jelly.

The Fall 2010 shows are basically all out now, which I find pretty weird but it's the same every year so I should pretty much be used to it by now. Anyway I've been looking through the collections and I am BORED, Proenza Schouler is too dark, Marc Jacobs is too plain and Jeremy Scott only has like two things I like.
These are my all time favourite designers and I don't think that creativity is coming through, it's all a bit commercial.
But the most commercial is usually Rodarte, but this season I think they've done something which is honestly different and creative.

I think that the flowing fabrics especially the long dresses are just amazing. I like how the whole collection was light and airy, which you don't see in f/w shows. It was obviously what was going to happen after all the black and studs which have been hanging around for far too long.This is by far my favourite look of the whole show. I love how they have mixed patterns and fabrics, plus the top totes looks like something you would dig out of a jumble sale, but they have managed to make it look good by putting really rad opaque sleeves onto it.

So there it is, kudos to Rodarte who have actually managed to create something which is actually gorgeous!

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