Thursday, 25 February 2010

I love Ribena

Hey there fellows! My blogging abilities have been extremely shocking recently. I have nothing to talk about, well I can talk about my life but that is BOOOOORRRING.
So i shall talk about something worthwhile yeah? Hows about comparing old (ish) and brand spanking new clothes, bear with me you might like it.
So i was flicking through t'internet and I found Roksanda Ilincic's show for fall 2010 and instantly thought of Sonia Rykiels show for spring 2009. I don't know what did it, I think it may have been the similiar hair styles or something. But anyway I looked into it more, so what do you think? Roksanda on the left, Rykiel on the right.
I don't know if I'm swinging and missing to be honest, but in my personal opinion I think they are very similiar and that's not a bad thing. I personally prefer Sonia Rykiel to Roksanda Ilincic because her shows and clothes have much more life and craziness, plus they are more my style. I'm so happy the fall 2010 shows are out now, I waaaay prefer them to the summer shows.Also I just have to add, Jacob took this picture of me and I love it so I am going to put it right here...

BYE x x x

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