Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fossilized tree resin,a man from duran duran

I thought I would attempt to make a pun of some kind for the title but im not really on top form, so its kind of a guessing game. Ok so fossilized tree resin is...amber(duh) and a man from duran duran is...simon le bon. blend them together and make AMBER LE BON (dear lord i need to get out more.)
So anyway I know everyone is mega critical of model/musicians daughters/sons who become models or whatever other job the people who do it say is really hard but we all know they are living easyyyy. But unlike the geldofs (urgh) Amber Le Bon is actually amazingly HOT.In a editorial for test magazine (the video that goes with this is great, i love it, the whole site is pretty fucking ace). Her hair is so cool. Like half blonde and wow.

Yeah she's pretty much old news to the world by now, but this was the first thing i had come across with her in that i actually liked.


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