Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Roger Daniel. David David. wow.

Hello there. I know I haven't been posting all that much but you know, stuff to do, people to see. Anyway I was browsing and I found these mega cool illustrations by Roger Daniel using David David prints for sketchbook magazine. The issue was about british designers and these pictures were used for the bit about David David.There was another one but I didn't like it very much so I just left it off. But these two, I just love them. The boy with the laser eyes is rad. That's right RAD.

Yesterday we saw these girls who were just milling around various charity shops and they just had this whole air about them that was mega annoying. You know those people who are like yeah I'm a photographer and a blogger and a model and a DJ and a designer and I'm in an experimental noise band which totes pushes all the boundaries of all music genres? well yeah they were like that.

But we didn't actually talk to them, so we can't be completley sure, but I bet my bottom dollar they were.

BYE x x x


  1. Yeah I didn't like the other one too but they wanted three double pages, what can you do ay?

    Can I add you as a link to my blog:



  2. such is life i guess. your work is amazing by the way!
    it's fine to add a link, thankyou for commenting, i still can't get over that it's you. like the man himself!
    ahhh i'm gushing so i'm gonna stop there.