Saturday, 26 September 2009

Vintage Jackets are so the new black.

So today in the lovely little town where I live, there was a vintage fair. Basically it's a much better version of a car boot sale, with everything from the past you would ever want to buy.
And boy if you look hard enough, you can find some real beauts. My friend Anna picked up this cute little jacket, in a soft grey fabric, thats just a perfect cut and fit for her frame.
Look at that detailing! It's just so well made and it has pleats which make the jacket kick out from the hips slighly. It reminded me of a Rick Owens jacket when I first saw it, but it's so much shorter and mellower than any of his designs, plus it has that shoulder detailing that he tends to stear clear of.
Also my other friend Ella got a blazer. A very good cut for her aswell, long and lean boyfriend-esque in dark blue velvet. Plus the velvet wasn't matted and very good quality.
Stella McCartney I feel (well she is the queen of feminine/masculine tailoring).
All I bought was some earrings which are leather antlers. The woman on the stall was nice, which is a bonus to the max.

So I'm off now, watching the X-Factor has become addictive!


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