Sunday, 24 January 2010

A chinese woman could have blinded me...

Hey there, honestly last night was pretty weird.
Right so me and maisie decided to go to this chinese restaurant for our birthdays. So yeah we went and when we had finished all our lovely meal (22 of us went, jenny and me shared duck pancakes and beef and rice) the waitresses bought over this ice cream. Here is what followed:
1. The ice cream came in a poppadom
2. The old chinese woman kissed me on both cheeks
3. She then popped a party popper right in my face, at close range.

So yeah thats that, i was pretty freaked out.
Here are some pictures of my t-shirt, ohh exciting right? ignore my face, i tend to look like a grumpy toddler in photos.
I bought 2 jackets yesterday, which i will post about later today or tomorrow. Whenever I feel like it really.
Also song of the week will be late (again) so don't hold your breath for it yeah?

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  1. Yay that chinese lady was sooo cool!