Thursday, 21 January 2010


I have posted about a gazillion times about being bored. I am constantly bored, even when something good happens its just like oh it'll be over soon. Ok maybe thats a bit more negativity than boredom but argh im so bored i could eat my left arm. and then my right arm. and then both my legs.
But here is some rad drawings and art stuff that i found on fecal face. They are not boring and they brighten up my day. Eric Yahnker-Weave me tender.It's Elvis all messed up, I want it really big on my wall.
Damon Soule- Prime Oblivion. I like it, but it kinda makes my eyes hurt a bit and the colours are kinda gross. But still.
All of these photos are by Amy Stein. Photography is pretty samey usually so I suppose you have to change the subject to make it different. The dead rabbit in the garden cuttings is my favourite. Anyway she takes loads of pictures with cool animals in, like bears and stuff. I'm looking for one with a raccoon in. They're my favourite.
smell ya later (i love the simpsons waaaaaay to much)

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