Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Topshop get some new ideas please

I shop in Topshop. A large percentage of my clothes come from there. I don't like shopping there but I still do. I am attempting to phase it out though, so hopefully before 2010 is out I will have maybe 2 or 3 items from there. Now that's all cleared up, lovely jubbly. Something fishy is going on here, sorry the pictures so bad i had to get a tiny one and then make it big so its a bit shitty. So basically the Alexander Wang piece has like opaque material on the arms and neck line. The Topshop one has it on the bottom, plus it has long sleeves and is basically the same shape and everything.
Also who can forget this one? This is far too similar to get away with it.I appreciate getting inspiration from designer pieces, but you have to draw the line at just knocking them off completely. Two years ago Chloe sued them for copying some yellow dungarees (which are ugly as sin in my opinion). They had to pay $12000 and destroy all of the other garments.
So Topshop please can you stop making copies of EVERYTHING, and also can you make everything a little less samey? when I went in last week everything was black or nude or stripey so please get your act together.


  1. i love shopping at topshop, probably because i live in a small town and it's shop's are limited, at leaste it's better then shopping at new look.
    i think that topshop has ran out of creativity
    if it was evean there before.

  2. I live in a small town too, so its basically there or h&m.
    Its so annoying!