Saturday, 30 January 2010

Stella McCartney pre-fall

HELLO! I am so happy at the moment it's unreal, mummy bought me some lovely new boots and a crop top from Topshop...I'll probably see a gagillion other people wearing it in like two days but whatever. I'm just bored of it man.
Anyway yeah I'm getting those no later than tuesday so it should be all good.
Back to the point, I don't really see the point in pre-season collections. Like they are all good and everything but kinda dull sometimes. So I've already written about Alexander Wang because I really like it, and now Stella McCartney because she's a beaut. I really really really love this. It's like cool pyjamas tracksuit hybrid. Shame it's in grey, I would dig this in maybe a mint green or dusty pink, for that nineties toddler look (i had a lovely puffy onesie in mint green, it would be nostalgic if this was too). I think that Stella McCartney took her inspiration for this from a dodgy second hand curtain shop. I really hope she did, my admiration for her would go through the bloody roof.Just had to include it. Nice shape, weird wood type printed material, plus it has this circle cape thing going on. It's pretty much ace.
That's all for today everyone. I am getting into Glee far too much, so I'm going to watch it.
Also on T4 there was just a programme about Ke$ha (oh yeah get me with the dollar sign) and I swear she was wasted. Maybe that's just her persona I don't know.

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