Thursday, 28 January 2010

Oh dear me...

Hey guys, i'm sure this is old news to most by now but everyone has an opinion so im going to tell mine.
so basically Tavi wore this headpiece (people keep calling it a hat, in my eyes its not a hat) to the Dior Haute Couture show and everyone is getting all worked up about it.
Some people are getting way into hating her for it but I think that its just a bit rude of her. She's sitting front row, and although she is short, it is the equivalent of a tall person standing in front of you. Which is the most annoying thing ever, take note big haired girl at JME, and tall lanky boy and co at the Maccabees.
Also I think that it shows her age, she is only 13 after all. All the others who sit front row don't wear extrovert pieces because they have the experience and the knowing about what goes on in these shows, and what is courteous to the other people there.
I find it so amazing that she got to sit front row at a haute couture show. I'm jealous obviously, but in my eyes this is a kinda silly thing to do when youre in with the fashion elite.
But what do I know, I don't even work for a living.

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