Tuesday, 8 September 2009


ok so here we go another post about someone called coco!

but this time its coco sumner stings unbelievably cool daughter and wicked cool musician, model and sociolite. some people have it all 'ey?!

if you havent heard of her yet...well where have you been all this time!

with a LOVE magazine cover and spread (photos=gorgeous), her band I blame Coco (she sounds like her dad so much its strange), and a burberry ad campaign under her belt shes climbing the fame ladder rung by rung. although to be honest she started as close to the top as you can when youre a tiny baby.

I want her hair so badly, scruffy undercut similiar to a certain ms. Alice Dellal but shorter and much much better (i hope you agree). Shes my current style crush, along with Alice. Theyre pretty darn similiar, but Coco has these big brown eyes and gorgeous chisled cheekbones which you could just cut a large slab of cheddar on.

so smell ya later...


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