Saturday, 5 September 2009

Kane+Versace vs. Hanra RANT


did anyone else buy this seasons POP magazine? alot about bloggers and stuff, i am so jealous of tavi, she so wicked cool plus she knows her stuff way better than most and shes only 13! i wish i was that good when i was 13. im not even that good now. anyhoo i just finished reading the interview with donatella versace and christopher kane by hannah hanra, and i realised something. every single thing christopher says makes either no sense, or is just completley what donatella said. he sounds like such a brown noser! jeez i love his work (the new metallic green brown velvet striped dress, bad on paper, sick in real life) But when he says (describing the new versus girl) "The DNA is like, young, effervescent, shes got alot of confidence, shes independant and obviously shes intellectual aswell, but shes sensual" I am just thinking BUZZWORDS and how he sounds like hes just read it all off a piece of paper. c'mon man you could do so much better. but bless donatella, remaining steadily aloof for a substaintial part of the interview, only saying things like "Just that you should have fun" whilst being backed up all the way with kane saying "have fun, yeah".

well done POP youve made my day. i freaking love it, but this interview is dissapointing. plus those pictures of Ciccionlina by famous porn photographer max angeloni made me feel a tad queasy, shes a mother for goodness sake.

smell ya later.


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