Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Those school uniforms made a joke of you and me

Ok so the Wombats are old and no one likes them anymore but this line has never been more appropriate. So now I'm back at school and it totally suxxx but the worst thing about it all is uniform. It's worse than the pressure, coursework and exams (well maybe not but you know).

Ok so I have 8 glorious weeks to wear whatever I wish, have my hair the way I want, wear tights in other colours and patterns than just plain black (we get told off for grey tights for goodness sake) and then suddenly I'm plonked back into this place with these clothes and rules about clothes. No longer is it the usual like dont do black shoes brown bag or wear a black bra with a white tee, its also things like top button done up (which no one does), black shoes, black tights, LONG skirt (which no one does again) and shirt tucked in.

Clothes really do show where we are placed the world. When you're an adult you can wear what you want, be free! But when you're a child (urgh) then you just have to put up with looking like every other person in the whole un-adult world.

Also I just have to add a few words...POLY-COTTON MIX. Enough said.

Charles Anatase, please design me a new uniform :)


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