Monday, 23 November 2009

Abbey Lee Kershaw...enough said

Hey guys! Whats happening in your life?
In my life, basically nothing is. All thats happening is exam stress, and watching telly. But everyones in the same boat so its all good. Thanks friends!
Alright so today I will be spilling my brains about Abbey Lee Kershaw...So I've been reading I-D pretty much all the time since I bought it,(also she is in this months dazed and confused, expect an update when I get it)and I keep going back to this one article time and time again. I love the pictures, she has a nose ring! I so want one, when I'm 16 for definite. Also she has a nipple piercing! Ouch! It shows it in one of the pictures but this is not that kind of site so if you want to see it, use google yeah?

Also the article is actually quite interesting, its a pretty good read. It says that she represents the freaks, the weirdos and inhabits a world of fairies, mermaids and stig of the dumps where things definitely go bump in the night. Sounds like my kind of girl quite honestly.
Ok so here are the top five things I have found out and love about her:

Number 1: She has TRUTH tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip.

Number 2: She has a lizard called Annie.

Number 3: She's convinced she is supposed to be a mermaid.

Number 4: She is from down under.

Number 5: She fainted at Alexander McQueen's s/s 09 show, because her corset was too tight (mmm yeah sure)

So we have all learnt something, been inspired and now we must part ways, as I have a packet of fruit salads to eat and only half an hour to do it in. And no i cant eat them and type at the same time. What am I, a functional human?



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  1. My life is boring and full of study as well!anyway I love Abbey she is lovely!