Sunday, 22 November 2009

Song of the week...once again

Thats right, its that time again, song time!

If you listen to this song really really loud, it makes your tummy feel funny and you cant feel your fingers. Well maybe thats just me.

AHH and I managed to get the little player thing up! For those who don't know I always have problems with this, but now it's done it. HOORAY!



  1. i LOOOOVE this song! haha

    it does that tummy thing. yes... I still feel the finger though. lol

    <3 lovely blog!

    those collages on the right-->
    do you do them yourself?!
    theyre goooooorgeous!

    Fi from Previously Owned

  2. maybe i just have bad circulation then!?
    no i wish! they are by hilary pecis, i posted about her a while ago. shes really talented. google her i guess?