Saturday, 28 November 2009

A night in London

Alrighty? Last night I went and saw Othello at Trafalgar Studios with my good old school. Well I saw it yes, but quite honestly I couldn't understand a bloody word. We got the jist but to be frank that doesn't cut the mustard, it's like a foreign language.
Also we spent 3 hours getting there, and 3 hours back. We got back home at half 12. I am so tired I think I am going to go into a coma. I need at least 10 hours of sleep or my life basically ends.
Lenry Henry was in it, he was very good. When he shouted his voice went so deep it made the room vibrate.
The best thing was that we got there an hour early so we got to go around covent garden for a little bit. Me and Anna went to paperchase and bought sparkly purple Jesus money boxes. The Mary one was blue but it was chipped which was a bit of a bummer.
Also the Lacoste pop up shop light thing was in it's full glory. We went in, and you wouldn't believe the shock on our faces when we realised everything was inflatable.

Sorry about the terrible quality pictures, i forgot my camera and had to use my crappy phone one. Anyway when we went in the front, it was like a tiny shop that went into the video bit. I hate european sizes because I can't work them out. For most people it's like oh I'm a 42 or whatever, but i'm just like what is going on with these numbers man.

So everyone there was our fantastic night in London. mmm yeah it really was life changing.I hate it when you can't tell sarcasm in things like this. Well I was being sarcastic.

Have a nice day everyone!


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