Friday, 20 November 2009

Everyone loves a Cardigan

hey there.
I bought a cardi the other day, it was £3.99 from the Red Cross, bargain.
It came with shoulder pads, which i took out but in the bottom left picture they are in (ive not just got abnormally big shoulders). Its like the most versatile thing i have ever bought, you can make it look like a proper granny style jumper or an oversized knitted blazer or a coatigan. Just take my word for it yeah? It's a beauty.
Thick stripes in lovely dark colours, bellisima for autumn. Also the buttons on the sleeve are mini versions of the main buttons, this is probably common occurrance but I was astounded and it was like the best moment of my life ever when i saw.
I wore it the other night, when i went to pizza express with all the girls! We had a jolly old time, but we had to run to the bus and a girl in a tartan jacket and bowler hat (she was wearing other things of course, but it was very dark) was like oh wouldnt it be funny if they all got hit by a bus, and then her boyfriend was like yeah it would be like pachowww splat. That isnt funny, that is quite frankly disturbing.
Some rafters and a gross old building. I like the colours, i think they are awesome.

see you round

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  1. i love shooting old buildings like that!

    I love those 2nd hand shops. i buy alot there. i guess that makes us cool!

    i like your blog alot. mind if i follow. well i'm going to no matter what! lol!