Friday, 13 November 2009

The whole world is going Gaga

Hey there. Do you want to see some nice pictures inspired by hansel+gretel, shot by Annie Lebowitz and styled by Grace Coddington?COOL...i love these pictures, theyre magical and dreamy and amazing. BUT... Suddenly, out of some kind of hole, Lady Gaga is all up in the shoot. Why may I ask, is she even there?? These photos are good and blah but come on, she has no relevance. I hate her, shes arrogant and self absorbed and so irratating. But that aside, Andrew Garfield and Lily Cole are both actors, they play the part, they fit the bill, but Gaga just no, please god no.
Safe to say Gaga is taking over the entire world, with her 'oh im so crazy, people have always called be weird, because i dress so extremely and im so outspoken' persona. Also does any else know Roisin Murphy? Wasn't she wearing shoulder pads, sequins and stupidly short knicker shorts about 5 years before Gaga?
I have to go, otherwise I will actually never stop.

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