Tuesday, 3 November 2009

DAVID DAVID, so good he named it twice

BLAHAHAHA how are you my few readers? Lets catch up eh? So today I am going to be talking about David David, the like coolest print designer EVER. His clothes are very very cool, like comfort wear which is erm...good! Spring Summer 09 is my favourite print-wise.Nice beachwear ALOT! And I was flicking through some magazine, right at the front y'know where they put all the ads, and I came across this...
The sweater in the middle, here it is a little closer...

Sorry for the quite frankly appalling picture quality, this is basically all I could find. But if you just have a little look-see at this picture and the fabulous David David designs at the beginning, all I can see is a rip off of a print altered a tinyyyy bit. Tell me if you agree or not, but I think Lacoste have got something fishy going on.
Ciao bella!

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