Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The best/scummiest thing to come out of my attic

Welcome to another post (que fanfare, long trumpets with tapestrys hanging off them etc etc.)
And the topic for now is...a denim cut off.
Yes an entire post about a denim cut off, well this is the 21st century after all.

So my dear old father has been telling me about this cut off for ages, about how he used to wear it back in the day with all the gang blah blah. But until now he has never actually shown me it, until this fateful eve when my door was thrown open and an old denim rag was chucked in my general direction (i got an A in creative writing, can you tell?)
Taa-daa! Yes a slight anti climax but who's never had that before. So yes it is scummy, it has buttons missing,it is ripped to kingdom come, here are the best ones...
This is at the back, beside the label and in a crucial seam of the jacket. I love how the rips show how faded the denim has become, its one of lifes many beauties.
This is on the arm hole, which is actually so big i thought it was the arm hole. Also theres one at the top which is like a three pronged rip fest.
The front left side. Missing button/stud detail thing, reinforced button holes and an ominous red stain. I figured it was too round in shape to be a blood splat, but you never really know what it may be.

Oh and i have saved the absolute best bit for last...

Thats right, an embroidered patch saying suffolk. lamest thing i have seen all year. and im not allowed to take it off, even though it is now mine.

So yes we have lined up the pros (onminous stain, rip central) and the cons (the bloody huge suffolk thing, by the way i detest suffolk with a passion, and im allowed to say that because i have been stuck here for 15 years) for this little number.

And in doing so i have worked out that i will only ever wear this for days when i want to look like a grunge hipster from the front, and a sad suffolk fanatic from the back. mmm this will probably go back to the loft then. shame really, my current cut off is a shambles (and not in a good way)

well i hope you liked reading this, it was long enough eh?



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