Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ricardo Tisci should be my friend

When I started writing this little blog, I thought oh yeah ill write about fashion and it will be fab-u-lous. But usually I just write about natterings of my brain and not much else, but its ok because they are in the fashion genre (kinda, ok yeah whatever). But today I am going to actually write about a collection of clothes created by a designer, for people with loads and loads of money.
Ive been on Style.com for agggggeees trying to find something worth writing about. Alexander McQueen I have already written about, although I could go on for days about the prints and structures and armadillo shoes...ok stop getting off task. But then I thought I would go for Givenchy.
I remember seeing a Givenchy dress a few seasons back in Vogue and just absolutely falling in love with it, but since then pretty much all the stuff theyve done has been off my radar. BUT THEN I SAW THIS...
OH MY GODDDDDDD!!! Ruffle mania. I love love love love love it, the way that the ruffles make the structure of the dress, and the colour is just gorgeous, the top sheer panel is kinda off putting quite honestly but the shoulder detailing makes up for it. I just wish that we didnt need to see nipples in this dress. And the boots. I need them in my life.
This is actually a dress that I will be dreaming about. The lapels on the front sound so bad on paper, but for some reason they really work in real life. Also the ruffles once again, highlighting the waist and the material is flowy but at the same time it keeps the shape. I cant believe how much I like this dress, even though it has panels of harsh black and animal print.And to wrap it all up, this. I realise that all the things I've chosen are dresses, but don't hold that against me. This one deserves a mention I do believe. I mean just look at that shiny-ness! I want this, its such a statement piece. The shape is really interesting, even though it does flow it has the rigid top half, and then its tucked in and bubble at the bottom.

Ahhh thats more like it. I want these things so much. Ricardo Tisci, if you read this, drop me a line.

Well heres to wishing folks.


Also just to say, when I told my dad I wanted Lola by Marc Jacobs, he thought that Marc Jacobs was a boy at school. Im not even kidding.

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  1. I love the last dress - it's very Rodarte meets Romance Was Born.