Sunday, 15 November 2009

Must Dash

Alriiiiiiiiiiight? I have noticed something...moustaches are blooming everywhere.
So here we have...
Urban Outfitters
American ApparelLazy Oaf

I dont believe it to be frank with you. Also here comes a little bit of gloating on my part, i have been wearing a tasche necklace everyday for an entire year. If you dont believe me, ask my mother.

Mine has gone a bit funny now, the chain has lost its silverness and is kinda a bit coppery and the acyrlic has dappled, but i will never ever ever not wear it (except in the bath and shower, i sleep in it too).

Also they have it in a ring

And on a nice note for leaving,moustache plasters for cuts that need to man up.

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