Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be Bop A Lula

hey there. haven't posted in a bit and it is Halloween so might as well do something worthwhile eh? OK Halloween isn't an excuse to post, but i should really be doing something like coursework. pfft who needs that.
Yesters i went to Norwich shopping (again!) and i found that Borders contains THE best magazines ever. I spend far too much money on magazines as it is (I-D, Nylon, Dazed and Confused) and then comes the big bi-annual ones like POP, Wonderland, Love, Another. But these magazines you can get anywhere man. And others are way to hard to find like Purple Magazine, Russh, D magazine, Amelias Magazine (which unfortunately is no more), and the lovely Lula. I have been looking for Lula for bascially all my life, I even considered buying it for £20 offa t'internet but it was sold out. And then I went to Borders. And there was about a billion of them.
Ahhh it is so lovely. This issue was all about the red heads, and as per usual it was full of beautiful styling and pictures which look like they were taken many years ago on proper cameras which use film and dont come with cables or any of that.

This is my favourite page from the whole magazine (there is a heck load to choose from) because it is just so lovely! They have made Lindsey Wixon look so soft and delicate, with her pillow like lips and gorgeous hair! I so wish I could do side plaits, they seem to be everywhere right now. Plus I love the colours used in the shoot, the backgrounds match the colours of the clothes so nicely, and the whole thing made me smile :)

Oh it is so lovely, it's very airy and bright. Unlike most other magazines around (hello Dazed and Confused has some kind of erotic leather in it every month). OK not necessarily my style, but the pictures are amazing and the word layout is jumbled and good to read, coz its short and snappy.

Im gonna scat now, see you round


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