Friday, 11 December 2009

Ankur Gupter

hey guys. This is going to be the last post in a while probably, the good old lappytop needs to go in for some maintenance but i will try to get something written before christmas.

Ok so since the last post all my mocks are finished, i went to a nice party(by nice i mean a PISS UP), had Jacob over and practically lived of blackjacks. So now thats out the way I can talk about somthing people who dont know me may care about. Ankur Gupter is an Indian designer (like you couldnt tell from the name) and he makes niiiice clothes.

Let me introduce you to THE dress. I know I actually say this about everything ever, but look at those prints, the colours and FRINGED SHOULDERS!! Now there is something that you dont often see all in one piece. I think the skirt part has birds on. Enough said.I like his designs because they actually are different. So many people sell themselves as being individual and weird and stuff, but these clothes actually use loud prints and colours which you dont often see on those in the inner circle of the fashion world.

If I dont post before christmas then i wish you all happy holidays and long live your king.

bye guys


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