Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That was the year that was

Hey guys. Considering that the year (and decade!) has basically come to an end, I have decided to do a lovely fashion review of the year...looking at all the pictures was almost nostalgic.

Ok so i'm gonna start off with s/s 09, the season without trends apparently, and who could forget this...
The lovely Dolce & Gabbana silk pajama suit things. I remember seeing these in some tacky magazine and they were slating them like nobodies business. Honestly with underwear as outerwear coming up for next season, these could be worn and not be too out of style.
Gareth Pugh. The collection was talked about so much and included in basically every editoral ever. Frankly I never really liked it, the whole thing was so monochromatic and it reminded me of penguins. Also the ruffs weren't my bag, but you've got to appreciate the balls of good ol' Gareth for doing them.SONIA RYKIEL!!!Loved the entire show, i watched it on repeat about 5 times! The clothes are so timeless and beautiful and her shows always have happy, smiley, dancey models...which makes a hell of a change from the usual pouty angry models.

Now to a/w 09, It was honestly Balmain's season...Argh, i'm so sick of it. This produced copy upon copy on the high street, and left everyone looking pretty freaking generic. Also every celeb worth mentioning was seen with it on their backs, not really leaving any precious magazine space for any other designers. Balmain pissed me off. End of.You can't talk about 2009 without mentioning Rodarte. They have done so much this year, latest being their collab with target (unavailable in the UK, grr i want the caged dress so bad!). I do like Rodarte, they have a distinct brand look which I think is very good. Their loose knit pieces sparked loads of high street copies once again, but this time it was a good thing.Marc Jacobs brought back the eighties. I know everyone did, but he did it so much better. The man is a flipping genius he deserves a nobel prize or something. With his show having each model with different make up and hair, it was probably the best that we could get. I want to make a t-shirt with his face on in homage to this collection.
Wow I am exhausted after all that! It's taken me a surprisingly long time to write, I think I was getting all wet eyed and nostalgic over the past year.
Any other highlights anyone?

Love love love

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  1. i agree with everything especialy marc jacobs deserving a nobel prize.
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